Escholzia californica mother tincture 50 ml


Escholzia californica mother tincture promotes relaxation in case of stress. It is among the natural products for sleeping: it is useful in fact for those who have difficulty in falling asleep, because it has the ability to restore the normal rhythm of sleep-awakening.

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Escholzia californica is classified among the natural products for sleeping. In particular: it is specific in case of difficult falling asleep (initial insomnia), it also limits nocturnal awakenings, nightmares and shows an analgesic action. The preparations based on esculenza diminish the time of falling asleep and favor a clear improvement of the quality of sleep (lack of repression of the REM phase) which becomes restorative and soothing. It is often associated with Valerian Mother Tincture for initial insomnia or “difficulty falling asleep”.

How to use: for adults, take 50 drops of Escholzia californica mother tincture diluted in water half an hour before bedtime. Eventually repeat the assumption in case of awakening or difficulty falling asleep (initial insomnia).

Possible associations from the scientific literature:

  • in case of difficulty in falling asleep: it has the ability to restore the normal sleep-wake rhythm. In the bibliography, Duraffourd, D’Hervicourt L., Lapraz propose their sleep drops based on Escholzia Mother Tincture, Valerian Mother Tincture, Linden bud extract, in an equal dose for a total of 125 ml advising to take 100 drops in a glass of water in the evening before bedtime;
  • against initial insomnia: it is recommended in association with Valerian Mother Tincture. Usually the two mother tinctures are used in the same quantity in a single bottle and 30 drops are taken diluted in water in the late afternoon and 50 drops diluted in water in the evening half an hour before bedtime.


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