The eye contour is a very delicate area for everyone. Periorbital Dark circles and bags under the eyes, “crow’s foot” wrinkles are frequent problems that affect him. We will talk about these problems in this post and then explain how to deal with dark circles, fine lines and bags under the eyes with specific natural remedies.


The area around the eyes, whatever the type of skin, must always be taken care of carefully. The eye contour is in fact a very delicate area, in which the reactions of irritation and sensitization are the most frequent compared to other areas of the face; moreover it is also one of the first areas where fine lines (or “crow’s feet”) appear and bags and dark circles are very recurrent.

Dark circles: what they are and how to recognize them

dark circles

Dark circles appear as a dark brown to black halo and are located exactly under the lower eyelid of the eyes. They are a presence capable of weighing down the face making it more tired, worn, with a sadder and even more aged look. Aesthetically, the eyeglass is a shading that affects the general appearance of the face and that women often try to disguise with make-up and concealers.

However, periorbital dark circles are not just an aesthetic problem, but a real alarm bell for health. To eliminate the problem it is essential to discover the causes.

Dark circles: causes

Among the most accredited theories, it would seem that dark circles are caused by the slowing of venous and lymphatic micro-circulation. This would cause a stagnation of blood and liquids and gives this area the typical brown color tending to blue, made even more marked by the particularly thin skin of these areas.

Dark circles often depend on hereditary factors. Indeed, the genetic factor would seem to be the main cause of dark circles, especially among family members with lighter and structurally thinner complexions. This predisposition is handed down from generation to generation. It is accentuated with physical fatigue, poor rest, insomnia.

In the absence of hereditary factors, dark circles could be due to:
  • blood circulation problems: dark circles are generally more visible in case of fatigue, anemia, in correspondence with the menstrual period and in the last three months of pregnancy;
  • problems with the subcutaneous microcirculation of the area in question and with the liver;
  • fluid retention by the body, which favors the dilation of blood vessels and capillaries, with the consequence of greater evidence of dark circles.
  • excessive rubbing and severe irritation of the eye contour;
  • prolonged exposure to the sun without adequate protection;
  • taking certain medicines;
  • a natural sagging of the skin caused by aging;
  • prolonged contact with heat sources, especially for those who work in particular sectors: this is because the high temperatures favor vasodilation by exhausting and weakening capillaries.

Bags under the eyes and swollen eyes: what they are and the causes

bags under your eyes.

“Bags under the eyes” refers to swelling of the lower eyelid and the surrounding area. This disorder, due to the relaxation of the tissues surrounding the eye, weighs down and ages the gaze without darkening it, and could also be an indication of various organic causes, such as liver, kidney, thyroid problems and even a symptom of hypertension.

Bags under the eyes possible causes: predisposition or drainage problems

First of all, bags under the eyes can also have a genetic predisposition. In the absence of genetic predisposition, if they suddenly appear one morning after a night’s rest, it is essential to exclude the presence of organic pathologies such as:

  • hypothyroidism,
  • hypertension,
  • kidney and liver problems,

especially in conjunction with other doubtful symptoms, since they can be the first evident and visible sign of a disease that dangerously reduces the drainage and elimination of waste fluids, causing local or general edema. Also, almost all kidney diseases have eyelid swelling as the first symptom, but excess alcohol or salty foods also worsen eyelid edema. Finally, with advancing age, a reduction in oxygen supply and a slowdown in cellular metabolism are observed, phenomena that contribute to complicating the situation, making the peri-orbital swelling more evident and marked.

Bags under the eyes possible causes: do you wake up with swollen eyes?

The cause that most frequently leads to the formation and worsening of bags and, in general, swollen eyes, is linked to the habit of sleeping with the head too low or without a pillow. When a large amount of blood tends to go towards the head during rest, the pressure of the capillaries present in abundance in the orbital fat increases; consequently they exude greater quantities of whey and water. That’s why you wake up in the morning with swollen eyes! while then, during the day, standing up, these liquids are slowly reabsorbed, and the eyes deflate. In addition, the constant inflating and deflating of orbital fat creates an inflammatory situation. This inflammation tends to make the fat become fibrous: this causes an increase in the difficulties of drainage and stabilization of skin lipids. At a certain point the bags become stable and their edema is no longer reabsorbable. Those who suffer from bags under the eyes should therefore sleep with their head higher and higher than the heart, to eliminate the first cause of their origin which is mechanical in nature.

Puffy eyes: let’s not overlook the problem!

A little while ago we explained to you how the lying position, for example, during sleep, could favor the formation of peri-orbital edema, which usually is largely reabsorbed upon awakening with the upright position. With advancing age, however, we observe a:

  • reduction in oxygen supply
  • slowing down of cellular metabolism,

phenomena that contribute to complicating the situation, making the peri-orbital swelling more evident and marked. Since swollen eyes show a reduction in cellular nourishment that leads to premature aging of the affected area, we recommend products that promote periocular microcirculation.

Periorbital Dark circles and bags under the eyes natural remedies

Our advice? The skin of the eye contour area should be kept as hydrated and elastic as possible by applying low-fat products capable of carrying out an emollient, regenerating, anti-fatigue, oxygenating and antioxidant action. It’s to prefer light emulsions, gels and serums, which must be selected based on the safety of the ingredients and must ensure a pH 7.2-7.4 compatible with the tear.

Usually the specific products for the treatment of dark circles act: limiting the stagnation of liquids, strengthening the walls of blood vessels and reducing capillary fragility. Substances with a toning and soothing action are widely used in the treatment of the so-called “bags under the eyes”, while substances with a refreshing and anti-reddening action are recommended in anti-fatigue products. The main extracts used in the treatment of puffy eyes (eyelid swelling) should have calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema activity.

Do you want a truly effective dark circles remedy? or for bags under the eyes? The advice of Erboristeria Como

An exceptional multi-functional product, which we highly recommend, is the Domus Olea Firming Lift Eye Contour: it is an eco-friendly cosmeceutical serum in practical roll-on, formulated by the University of Florence. This product that you find on Erboristeria Como is indicated both for bags under the eyes and for dark circles and fine lines (“crow’s feet”). It is the best natural eye contour that goes beyond just cosmetics, even if few people know it. The Domus Olea Firming Lift Eye Contour has antioxidant, firming, lifting and illuminating functions.

Periorbital Dark circles and bags under the eyes: natural remedies in one product: here’s why!

dark circle remedy

Made in Italy cosmeceutical Domus Olea Firming Lift Eye Contour guarantees a highly moisturizing and plumping action, favoring a progressive decrease in the sunken eye effect, maintains hydration and gives an instant tightening effect. A special mix with botox-like action is formidable for the relaxation of wrinkles. Bisabolol, chamomile and honey soothe and moisturize; selected oils and butters give the Domus Olea eye contour a strong nourishing and anti-wrinkle action, increased by antioxidant extracts and vitamins. Furthermore, the presence of Caffeine, Aescin, Ivy, Arnica and Rusco gives the Domus Olea eye contour a draining and toning action, to deflate and relax bags and eyelids, enhanced by the roll-on massage to stimulate the skin microcirculation. Finally, a complexion correcting pigment acts as a covering and uniforming effect, reducing the visibility of bags and dark circles and capillaries with a natural effect: for a fresher and more enlightened look.

Wrinkles around the eyes: what they are and how to treat them with natural remedies

contour eye wrinkles

It is in the periocular area that the first signs of aging appear: this is due to the continuous contractions of the facial muscles, but also as a consequence of the action of the sun, wind and temperature changes. Over the years, the cells reproduce more slowly and this favors the physical breakdown of the tissue. This is how wrinkles around the eyes are born.

There are numerous substances with anti-wrinkle activity: antioxidants, vitamins, flavonoids, molecules capable of increasing the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid. Pure rosehip oil is also useful as an elasticizer. The Domus Olea Firming Lift Eye Contour also fights fine lines but for our customers, Erboristeria Como also offers a special certified organic anti-aging eye and lip contour on, with selected extracts and ingredients, including hyaluronic acid vegetable and stabilized vitamin c. Discover it!

If your problem is also that of dry and red eyes, instead, read this post too. In case of drainage or microcirculation problems, instead, look at our specific supplements. If you need some advice we are always at your disposal.

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