Remedies of cold. Here are some winning tips against the first flu symptoms with phytotherapy, Discover here the natural remedies.


An increasingly advanced, technological society, increasingly projected towards great achievements, is put in serious danger by a tiny fragment of DNA, a virus, which scares the whole world, which causes Asian stock exchanges to collapse and which drags fears and reactions to chain. Let’s talk about the Coronavirus, or Covid 19. We have overcome the lockdown of spring 2020, now we return after the summer who at work, who at school, but it seems that with Covid 19 we will have to live with it again this winter. Here’s how to face the winter in the best possible way and with peace of mind!

How to prevent Covid and what are Covid19 symptoms: Italian guidelines

Here the Italian Ministry of Health guidelines to prevent the transmission of COVID-19:

1) obligation to use masks, compliance with the social distancing measure of at least 1 meter between people, correct and frequent hand washing (art. 1 DPCM);
2) do not touch the eyes, nose or mouth; coughing or sneezing in the crook of the elbow or using a paper tissue, covering the nose and mouth;
3) if you don’t feel well, stay at home; in case of fever, cough and breathing difficulties, contact health care.

That said, the new coronavirus can cause mild symptoms such as a cold, sore throat, cough and fever, or more severe symptoms such as pneumonia and breathing difficulties.
According to the ISS Report n.58 / 2020, EDCD 31 July 2020, here are the Covid19 symptoms on children, also valid for adults, which could lead the doctor to request the tampon: fever over 37.5 ° C, dry irritating cough , cold (stuffy nose, clear serous or yellowish mucous discharge from the nose, cough, sneezing, headache, restlessness at night), diarrhea or gastrointestinal symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea with at least three liquid or unformed discharges), acute rhinitis (not to be understood as ” runny nose “), conjunctivitis, pharyngodynia, dyspnoea, myalgia.

First rules of prevention against Covid19: some clarifications

Hand washing

It currently represents the most useful “preventive treatment” among those that can currently be proposed to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus, but also of all the other respiratory influenza viruses, typical of the winter season. According to the guidelines of the Italian Ministry of Health, to reduce exposure and the transmission of a series of respiratory diseases, among the recommendations suggested by Federfarma, use alcohol-based products (over 60% alcohol) to disinfect hands. Here, for example, you can find a completely natural, alcohol-based, practical and non-drying hand washing gel, also excellent for sensitive skin of children.

Here’s how to wash your hands with an alcoholic gel to prevent coronavirus infection: 20-30 seconds are enough! it is necessary to apply a suitable amount of product on clean hands, rub the palms of the hands, rub the palm on the back of the opposite hand intertwining the fingers, repeat the operation palm to palm, rub the back of the fingers with the opposite palm , rub your thumbs with the palm of the opposite hand, draw circles with your fingertips on the palm of the opposite hand. Once dry, the process is completed.

Use of the mask

In the community, disposable masks or washable masks at 60°C can be used, in multilayer materials suitable for providing an adequate barrier and, at the same time, guaranteeing comfort and breathability, adequate shape and adherence, which allow to cover from the chin to the above the nose. The community masks are designed to reduce the circulation of the virus in daily life and are not subject to particular certifications. Neither medical devices nor personal protective equipment should be considered, but a hygienic measure useful to reduce the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus.

In the event that symptoms of respiratory infection appear, it is necessary to use masks certified as medical devices. Surgical masks are medical masks, developed for use in the healthcare environment and certified based on their filtering capacity. They meet the characteristics required by the UNI EN ISO 14683-2019 standard and work by preventing transmission.

Remedies of cold: how to strengthen the immune system

In children under 3 years old, the most recommended immunomodulatory agent, also from numerous studies dated 2020, is vitamin D3. On you will find vitamin D3 completely natural and in drops: for newborns we recommend 4 drops a day directly on the spoon without water.

In children over 3 years old, the natural immunomodulating agent, phytotherapeutic, which we can recommend as is Fitosostegno junior, based on soft heather extract with immunomodulating action (with scientific studies), rosehip as a tonic and support, with honey .

For adults, or in any case over 12 years old, among our best phytotherapics there are Fermented Papaya Orac Master 2 months or Phytosostegno syrup that boasts an immunomodulating action thanks to the soft heather extract assisted by the restorative action of rose hips and the uncaria for the body’s natural defenses

Sore throat and first winter pharyngitis: natural remedies to deal with them

In case of sore throat and pharyngitis: very useful products for the throat based on Propolis extracts, as long as they are highly titrated in total flavonoids such as galangin (titration is important to consider to discriminate between the various products on the market!). The best product would be the one obtained through the cryomacination technique at low temperatures, which preserves the quality by avoiding the denaturation of thermolabile substances. If you are looking for one of excellent quality, look at Propolis drops, better in concentration than the classic propolis tincture and also useful for local applications and touches).

Colds and flu symptoms: remedies of cold to deal with them in peace

Now we will explain you how to fight cold and flu symptoms with phytoterapy. Here our cold natural remedies when body temperature around 37-37.2°C:

  • without cough: use the phytoteraphic Influcure, based on pelargonium also called “the natural antiviral”, one sachet twice a day or two sachets together in the evening dissolved in warm water in a herbal tea cup, in association with a vitamin tablet C1000 fast 2 times a day and the Fitoialo spray (similar to nasal rinazina spray but without the cortisone that makes the paranasal sinuses swell!) For at least 5 days;
  • with dry cough but without phlegmmarshmallow syrup or stick, also for diabetics, taking advantage of the action of marshmallow. The German Commission E reports that marshmallow relieves irritation, stimulates phagocytosis and inhibits mucociliary activity, which is beneficial in cases of irritation of the oral mucosa and pharynx associated with dry cough.
  • with cough with phlegm: mucocure sachets, based on adhatoda vasica, one sachet once a day dissolved in hot water in a tea cup, to take advantage of the mucolytic, antiviral action, and acts without the contraindications of N-acetylcysteine. Mucocure can be associated with a vitamin C1000 fast tablets twice a day and phytoaerosol a vial twice a day (for children, on the other hand, junior phytoaerosol from 3 years upwards is useful: from 3 to 6 years old you can use half a vial and dilute it in physiological and do the other half in the late afternoon.

Are you prone to spring allergies? remember to get ready now!

Get ready now to fight the seasonal allergy of the coming months. A help from nature is Blackcurrant obtained from the maceration of fresh Ribes Nigrum buds and the soft Perilla extract is an excellent immunomodulating agent useful for the body’s natural defenses. Here you will find our phytotherapy, Fitoallergy drops, to be taken at least 60 days before the spring allergy begins.

Dr. Laura Comollo

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