Pinus mugo is a very common plant above all in our Alps and a plant from which a unique fragrance is obtained: discover about Pinus mugo properties and use of its essential oil and our tips.


The Pinus mugo (or Mountain Pine or Mugo Pine tree) is a tree that grows abundantly in Central Europe, particularly in Tyrol, in pre-Alps and Alps areas of Switzerland, in Austria, northern Italy, the ex-Yugoslavia and generally in the Balkans.

The parts of Pinus mugo used for the production of essential oil are the leaves and the young branches, which are distilled in a current of steam. The collection areas for distillation are above 1300 m asl and below 2000 m asl. The tree is protected in many areas and exploitable only at certain times of the year, at a certain altitude and in a regulated manner.

Although it is part of the class of coniferous oils with low ester content, mountain pine oil is characteristic and differs in aroma from other pine needle oils, due to the low percentage presence of some particularly fragrant compounds.

Mountain Pine essential oil: properties and indications

The balsamic and expectorant and moderately antiseptic effects at the level of the respiratory tract are known from the mountain pine oil (in particular it is indicated in the case of bronchitis and sinusitis); it also has an anti-herpetic activity in vitro and moderately anti-inflammatory. As in general conifer oils, it has a hyperemic effect on the skin.

The indications approved by the German E Commission, also reported by Prof. Valussi, for the mountain pine essential oil are:

  • neuralgia and rheumatism, arthritis, muscular pains, thanks to its rubefacient effect, in topical application;
  • for respiratory problems such as bronchitis, cough, sinusitis, cold and flu, and generally catarrhal problems, used in inhalation; this is why it is one of the ingredients of our natural phytoaerosols.
  • as an environmental fragrance as a stimulant of the central nervous system and as a mosquito repellent.

Mountain Pine essential oil: use and dosage

  • Topical applications: the mountain pine essential oil can be used as an ingredient in ointments, gels and in general emulsions and fatty oils. External use on limited areas can reach concentrations of 10%, while for extended applications it should not exceed 2%. It is possible to apply it several times a day;
  • oral use: the internal use of mountain pine essential oil is limited to professionals and must not exceed 4 drops 3 times a day due to respiratory problems, administered in the form of gastro-resistant capsules, or if not possible, mixed to dense excipients like honey;
  • inhalation: the dosage of the mountain pine essential oil in inhalation should not exceed 4-5 drops for 3-4 times a day, both as a fumigation (using very hot but not hot water, Prof. Valussi recommends) and through the use of nebulizers, both pneumatic (aerosol) and ultrasound. On Erboristeria Como you can also find a ready-made mix with balsamic action, with mountain pine.
  • as a bath additive it must be pre-solubilized in an emulsifier, such as in liquid soap, and then dissolved in the bath water, at doses that do not exceed 15 drops (5 grams) of essential oil for bath;
  • environmental cleansing and perfuming: an easy recipe for cleaning and perfuming surfaces, using • 150 ml distilled water, • 8 ml vinegar, • 15 drops of mountain pine essential oil,
    • 6 drops of essential orange oil (Citrus sinensis) and what is obtained is put in a glass bottle with a nebulizer and remember to shake well before use;
  • use in perfumery: the mountain pine essential oil is used in combination with other conifer needle oils (white and red spruce), with sink oil, rosemary, sage and ylang ylang, especially as a fragrance environmental, bath products, leather notes in men’s fragrances, etc.

Mountain Pine essential oil: which Erboristeria Como recommends for you

Among the essential oils on the market, Erboristeria Como recommend you the mountain pine essential oil Turra, by Dolomiten, organic and 100% pure, by Gadoi- Magnifica Essenza, which you can find in our online aromatherapy department. The Pinus mugo essential oil by Gadoi- Magnifica Essenza is product and distilled in Val di Fiemme is obtained from needles and small leafy twigs obtained from young trees, by steam distillation, of Trentino (Tyrol) mugo pine which grows between 1300-2000 msl (ideal harvesting area for distillation ); it is a mobile liquid, very pale yellow, with a characteristic and pleasant smell of pine, slightly sweet and with a delicate balsamic aspect, with a slightly resinous and woody, almost spicy final note reminiscent of cypress and juniper berries. Harvesting method: from the spontaneous. It can be used for both aromatherapy and cosmetics. This oil is distilled in Lessinia, a few meters of the native place of these plants!

Mountain Pine essential oil: cautions and advice

No essential softwood derived oil should be used if too old, ie if excessively oxidized, as it may cause irritation. In temporal terms the essential oil if well preserved just as well becomes “old” in 12-18 months. Store in sealed containers, away from light and heat, if possible in the refrigerator.

Dr. Laura Comollo

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