Meteorism: Find out in this post our advice on natural remedies for meteorism and flatulence phenomena.


Meteorism and flatulence phenomena

Sometimes it happens that the air ingested and the gas produced during the digestion process are expelled through meteorism and flatulence phenomena, creating in some cases embarrassment for us and those around us.

Among the possible causes of intestinal gas excess we find:

  • The unbalanced diet, too rich in sugars and / or starchy foods in general;
  • Hurried meals, the bad habit of eating out, the stress that often “shakes” the day of many people.
  • Ingestion of “flatulent” foods (beans, chickpeas, chestnuts);
  • Lactose or gluten intolerances (see also “intolerance line“, for food intolerances);
  • An imbalance in the intestinal bacterial flora.

What foods cause excess intestinal gas production?
Most foods that contain carbohydrates can cause gas formation are:

  • sugars;
  • lactose, which is found in milk but also in dairy products, such as cheese and ice cream, and processed food products, such as bread, cereals, salad and condiments;
  • sorbitol;
  • fructose;
  • most starches;
  • many foods that contain fiber.

In addition to food, pay attention to what you drink and in particular to carbonated drinks!

Intestinal gas: the natural remedies recommended by Erboristeria Como

  • Fennel compound: based on fennel, anise, lemon balm, ginger, charcoal. We recommend taking 1-2 tablets before each main meal.
  • Aeris drops: useful for promoting regular gastrointestinal motility.
  • Aeris Tisana for “deflate the panicia”, based on Cumin fruits, Chamomile flowers, Thyme wild leaves, Coriander fruits, Fennel fruits and Anise green fruits.
  • For those who also want to improve the bacterial flora: lactic ferments Erboflora Intolerance or Rigenera (or junior for children) of which we had spoken in a last post.
  • Cotipsillium kinetic (“flat stomach effect” and carminative), based on Psyllium, supercritical dry extract with a high titre of ginger and vegetable digestive enzymes, is instead suitable for recovering intestinal punctuality besides deflating the belly. It also contains dry extract of Tamarind and concentrated pear juice, useful for promoting intestinal regularity in the case of constipation.

Intestinal gas: the derived buds recommended by Erboristeria Como

  • The cranberry bud extracts is considered the specific remedy for all the disorders affecting the colon (irritable bowel, spastic colitis, meteorism, etc.).
  • The Tiglio bud extracts: to be used, for all ages of life, in the treatment of disorders related to the emotional sphere (anxiety syndrome, etc.), in case of stress and in the multiple expressions of neurovegetative dystonia by virtue of the now proven spasmolytic properties and sedative;
  • The cranberry bud extracts;
  • The juniper bud extracts;
  • The walnut bud extracts;
  • For gaseous colics of the suckling: Tiglio bud extracts.

For more specific information go to the page: Intestinal gas: against the belly swells natural remedies for all ages.

Dr. Laura Comollo

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