All juniper properties of buds according to scientific literature: hepatoprotective and incredible natural drainage, juniper bud extract is an excellent liver and kidney detox and one of the most important bud extract in gemmotherapy. It is useful in many cases that now we will reveal to you!


The common juniper is a shrub of the cupressaceae family that can reach 10 m in height. the bark with the advancing age flakes off in long longitudinal strips. the leaves are stiff and pungent, gathered in whorls of 3, glaucous green, with a groove on the upper side. Its berries are used to produce distillates (such as gin), in phytotherapy it is appreciated for its purifying properties and in case of excess uric acids.

Juniper bud extract: what is it?

From fresh young shoots of Juniperus communis L. you can obtain a juniper bud extract, that is a liquid preparation obtained from fresh young shoots left to macerate for 21 days in a mixture of 50 parts of glycerol, 30 of alcohol and 20 of water, in order to obtain a glyceric macerate 1:20. After maceration it is decanted, the supernatant is collected, filtered, while the residue is squeezed. The squeezing liquid is filtered, then the two liquids thus obtained are mixed, left to rest for 48 hours and filtered again. The goal is to obtain the bud extract at the first decimal dilution (MG 1DH), according to the French school.


The juniper bud extract has liver and urinary tract organotropism, as well as having a beneficial action on the intestine: let’s see now in detail, from scientific literature.

Juniper bud extract: an excellent liver and kidney detox

The Juniper bud extract is an excellent liver and kidney detox, infact it has a double action:

  • on the liver, and in particular at the hepatocyte level, where it exerts a stimulating and regenerating action;
  • on the kidney of which it stresses the function.

Juniper bud extract is useful:

1. to detoxify the liver: juniper bud extract is considered an excellent hepato-renal draining agent to be used whenever a state of chronic liver disease is present (Tétau M., Gemmotherapy, new clinical studies, IPSA, Palermo 1989) and in particular, in liver diseases from drugs, in case of chemotherapy (Andrianne P., op. cit.) and in case of cytomegalovirus hepatitis (Piterà F., op. cit.).

2. in case of allergies and joint pain: due to its hepatotropic properties it can be useful in the treatment of the “soil” in subjects suffering from allergies of various kinds and from arthrosis and can also be indicated in arthralgia. The juniper bud extract is precious in rheumatology as: the stimulation of diuresis, together with the stimulation of liver function, act on the general turnover which results in an increased elimination of waste by the body and therefore in a lightening of the district hepato-renal … but the action is even wider, as it would seem that the action is much deeper, affecting “the cellular metabolism and the profile of the single collagenosic cells” (Weiss RF, Lehrbuch der Phytoterapie, Hippokrates Verlag, Stuttgart 1992) with the benefit of joint function and slowing of degenerative processes.

3. to stimulate kidney function: the juniper bud extract is able to stimulate renal function, and is often recommended in cases of:

  • water retention and cellulite, perhaps together with 1DH birch sap;
  • general drainage for the body, especially when combined with other specific bud extractives such as the birch bud extract Betula pubescens, Birch sap, rosemary bud extract;
  • need to eliminate metabolic waste: it also acts effectively in the case of renal lithiasis, in particular in the forms of calcium oxalates (P. Henry), in hyperuricemia and in hypercholesterolemia.

4. in case of hypercholesterolemia and hyperglycemia: says Dr. Bruno Brigo in his book “Health and wellness with plants”: “the young juniper jets act on all liver functions. Experimentally they correct hypoalbuminemia, normalize the protein profile, reduce hypercholesterolemia, hyperglycemia and hyperuricemia”. In the treatment of hypercholesterolemia, the juniper bud extract can be associated with the olive bud extract. Since it is also useful in alterations of glucose metabolism as it helps to reduce glycemic levels, this bud derivative can be recommended in overweight subjects who prefer a highly carbohydrate diet.

5. in case of meteorism and cystitis: the juniper bud extract is also useful in case of meteorism where it can be combined with walnut bud extract (anti-inflammatory and antiseptic activity) and cranberry (rebalancing intestinal function). Also useful in the treatment of relapsing cystitis, cases in which it can be associated with the cranberry bud extract of which it enhances the antibacterial and rebalancing action of the intestinal bacterial flora.

Juniper bud extract: dosage and associations

It is recommended to take 50 drops of juniper bud extract, diluted in water and sipped slowly, 1-2 times a day, a quarter of an hour before meals. It can be associated with:

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