Hair care. It’s so important to take care of your hair and scalp. We present you the best Italian’s natural product for hair care, safe and tested.


Hair is very important in a person’s overall appearance and, in some cases, also reflects his state of health. Taking care of your hair and scalp (with its hydrolipidic film) in the right way is important.

A right diet for healthy skin and hair

The hair consists essentially of keratin, which gives it resistance and elasticity. Healthy and beautiful hair is precious and must be adequately ‘guarded’. An adequate diet is certainly important: for example eating alternatively white or red meats, and fish at least twice a week and some types of vegetables containing two essential amino acids, cystine and lysine, which make up the hair keratin, a balanced intake of carbohydrates, preferably wholegrain ones, avoiding simple and / or refined sugars present in sweets.

Iron, zinc, magnesium and copper are important minerals, but also attention to fats, to be consumed in moderation. vegan / vegetarian, we recommend taking lentils and products containing vitamin C, which promotes the absorption of iron.It is also important to take vitamins and antioxidants such as those contained in fresh fruit and vegetables.Green tea is also useful , rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition to a healthy diet, threats to our hair are: stress and external agents (dyes, aggressive cosmetics, plates, hair dryers, UVA rays, wind, salt, smog, cold, chlorine) that make the hair weak, rough and matt.

How to take care of your hair and our scalp: what we recommend and why

Here’s what we recommend: a line dedicated to the care, well-being and beauty of hair, designed in collaboration with the University of Florence: the “UNDICI Line” of Domus Olea Toscana.

Domus Olea Toscana is a Tuscan family-owned company that produces Eco-Bio Cosmeceuticals with a high content of active ingredients, in collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Florence, to guarantee a high efficacy to the organic product.

The line of Domus Olea is the first Organic Certified Cosmeceutical line in Europe, initially produced with the family oil and honey and beeswax of the National Park of S. Rossore and the first Tuscan cosmetic line that aims to use local productions as cosmetic ingredients and at the same time to promote them from the food point of view.

The Eleven Line contains eleven exclusive phytocomplexes from Tuscan plants, assisting in the treatment of scalp imbalances and revitalizing the hair bulb obtained according to the patented methodology at the University of Florence to which other specific molecules have also been added: bisabolol, menthol, piroctone olamine, carrot; Eleven also contains:

  • vitamins (vitamins A, C, E, B1, B3, PP, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, H, biotin, panthenol, folic acid: a direct local supply is an adjunct in maintaining healthy hair and skin) and mineral salts (including copper, zinc, magnesium, to promote healthy hair growth);
  • ingredients with a similar keratin composition: wheat and rice phytocheratine and 11 amino acids that promote the regeneration of keratin bonds, repairing the hair fiber and increasing elasticity and resistance to defeat; they also increase blood circulation and therefore the nutrition of the hair follicle, favoring the growth of strong, silky and shiny hair;
  • an exclusive phytocomplex that favors the restoration of the physiological conditions of healthy skin and protects the hair in all its length and reproduces the composition of the quality sebum naturally produced by the sebaceous glands associated with the hair;
  • moisturizing and moisturizing, anti-static, conditioning, protective and anti-frizz ingredients that work in synergy, offering our hair a complete and functional wellness experience to their natural beauty. The molecules with anti-frizz protective activity (including a mix of waxes: bees and rice), do not occlude but interact with the hair fiber, making the hair soft and silky, not only apparently and temporarily like silicones;
  • micellar formulation, precisely to reduce the hydro-lipid film of skin and hair to a minimum, based on vegetable surfactants, no SLS and SLES to which plant extracts have been added that remove limescale from the hair from the hair washing, responsible for hardness and opacity and help to close the scales, reactivating the brightness of the hair.

The “Undici line” of Domus Olea dedicated to hair wellness: what it is and how to use it effectively

The hair line “Undici” was developed in the 3 steps of Cleansing, Care and NutriStyling for the recovery and maintenance of hair health and for a thick, soft and revitalized hair. All products are obviously free of silicones, aggressive surfactants (SLS, SLES) and PEG. The line consists of:

Products for hair and scalp cleaning:

  • pre-treatment mask (to treat various types of imbalances, such as dandruff, itching, dermatitis, redness, dryness, psoriasis, temporary hair loss);
  • micellar shampoos (for sensitive skin and frequent washing, for seborrheic skin, and restructuring anti age);
  • micellar cowash, which is like a balm with a small dose of Shampoo: therefore, in addition to cationic surfactants, it also contains a small part of the anionic ones and therefore delicately but effectively cleanses the hair, leaving its nourishing, conditioning and antistatic function;
  • 3-in-1 conditioner and 3-in-1 mask (to deeply moisturize and neutralize the static electricity of the hair and to give the hair restructuring properties in the long term, not just substances with a temporary effect).

Products for hair and scalp care:

  • Nuorishings (normal or dry / oily skin);
  • close scales Repairing Cream and close scales spray conditioner for healthy skin, strong and shiny hair. The stoppers are very useful if you have brittle, dull, treated hair with split ends and if you want more intense action on the structure; if you have dry hair on the lengths, but you have no particular problems on the structure, we recommend the 3 in 1 instead of the stoppers; Choose both if you have dry and brittle hair, and want to tackle both problems with specific products.

Numerous leave-in products to offer nourishment, hydration, protection and styling to our hair, based on their specific needs:

  • volumizing tonic;
  • cream and gel for hair and curls and frizzy ones;
  • the silk hair oil to put on the tips.

Hair care: How to choose which cleansing product is right for you?

Do you have oily or dandruff-like skin (dry and oily, scales) and imbalances (redness, itching, dermatitis, temporary fall)? For any type of hair you have, here is your treatment: pre-treatment mask (if you have scalp imbalances, such as Dandruff, dry or oily, redness, itching, dermatitis, psoriasis); seborrheic skin shampoo for the intensive phase then sensitive skin and frequent washing for maintenance; 3-in-1 conditioner; nourishing oily skin (if imbalance is important); close scales spray conditioner;

Do you have normal or prone to frequent or sensitive (with possible redness and itching, temporary fall) and normal to dry hair? Here’s what to choose: pre-treatment mask (if imbalances); sensitive skin and frequent washing; micellar cowash; 3-in-1 conditioner (for normal hair) or 3-in-1 mask (for drier hair); nourishing for normal or dry skin (if imbalance is important); close scales spray conditioner (for normal hair) or close scales Repairing Cream (for dry hair);

Do you have normal skin or tend to dry or imbalance (redness, itching, psoriasis, temporary fall) and hair from dry to very dry, frizzy, brittle, treated, colored, in loss of consistency? Here’s what to choose: pre-treatment mask, restructuring anti-age shampoo, cowash, 3-in-1 mask (for drier hair), nourishing for normal or dry skin, close scales Repairing Cream (for dry hair).

Hair care: And for styling?

Do you have straight hair?

  • If you have fine or sparse or seborrheic skin tending to grease easily and lose volume, you need to use products that regulate and give volume: 3-in-1 conditioner, volumizing tonic, silk hair oil.
  • If you have medium-large or thick hair or hair tending to dryness, which need nourishment that does not weigh down, definition, brightness and airy touch, you need to use products that give smooth disciplined and controlled effect: 3-in-1 conditioner, 3-in-1 mask, silk hair oil.

Do you have wavy or curly hair?

  • If you have fine or sparse or dry, needing nourishment that does not weigh down, definition, brightness and airy touch, you need products that give a disciplined and voluminous curly-hued effect: 3-in-1 mask and disciplining and curl active cream (both to be applied over the close scales spray conditioner or the close scales Repairing Cream); volumizing tonic, silk hair oil cream.
  • If you have medium-large or thick hair or hair that tends to dry / frizzy, needing more nourishment, greater discipline and brightness, you need products that give a disciplined and controlled blur effect:  3-in-1 mask and disciplining and curl active cream (both to be applied over the close scales spray conditioner or the close scales Repairing Cream); nourish-gel disciplining Elastic Anti-frizzy; silk hair oil on the tips.

Do you have short hair?

If you want to shape them with a natural effect choose: 3-in-1 conditioner, 3-in-1 mask (if used as leave-in, that is without rinsing, they are excellent protective products; in particular 3-in-1 conditioner is suitable for hair tending to fat, 3-in-1 mask for hair tending to dryness and are to be used as an alternative to the close scales spray conditioner or close scales Repairing Cream, or overlapped in the case of very dry hair); disciplining and curl active cream, silk hair oil. If you want to shape them with a wet look, you can choose from the nourish-gel disciplining Elastic Anti-frizzy.

Dr. Laura Comollo

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