Raspberry Bud Extract 50 ml M.G. 1DH


Raspberry bud extract (Rubus Idaeus) presents an elective organotropism towards the female genital apparatus and the pituitary-ovary axis (Brigo B., op. Cit., 2004).

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Specchiasol raspberry bud extract is a 100% natural food supplement, included by the Italian Ministry of Health in the register of food supplements with code n ° 30420.

Ingredients: 1DH glycerine macerate (stabilizer: glycerin; alcohol, water; buds ratio D / E 1/200) of Raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) buds. 1 g of extract corresponds to 30 drops, daily dose.

Dosage: it is usually recommended to take 30 drops per day, diluted in water and sipped slowly.

In scientific literature, recommended for:

– those suffering from premenstrual water retention, in association with birch sap;

– dysmenorrhea (to alleviate the symptoms of PMS): the action of raspberry occurs preferentially in pains that appear at the beginning of menstruation, or on the eve, and that decrease or disappear when the flow is established. (B. Brigo, 2004);

– menopause: as a regulator of ovarian function it is indicated in the treatment of premature menopause; in fact, it stimulates the ovaries when their function is slowed down, as regards both estrogen and progestogen secretion. It also completes the action of Vaccinium vitis idaea in full-blown menopause, acting effectively in hot flashes. (P. Henry, B. Brigo).

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Package: 50 ml

Brand: Specchiasol.

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