Bud Extracts

Erboristeriacomo.it has selected for you the best natural bud extracts ​​produced according to the “French school”. This glycerine macerates are prepared according to the pharmacopoeia by alcohol content and part of the plant used; vegetable raw materials with which they are prepared come exclusively from fresh plants grown in Italy in their natural habitat and collected in the balsamic time.

The effectiveness of bud extracts is to be ascribed to the active ingredients contained in the embryonic tissues of plants and lost or present only in traces in the adult parts of the plants.

The products you find in this online shop have been selected for you by our competent and graduated staff to guarantee you the best of natural and Made in Italy.

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  • Sale! ampelopsis weitchii

    Ampelopsis weitchii bud extract 50 ml M.G. 1DH

  • Sale! Gemmoderivato Olivo 50 ml

    Arterial hypertension: Olive Bud Extract 50 ml

  • Sale! gemmoderivato di castagno

    Bad circulation in legs: Chestnut Bud Extract 50 ml

  • gemmoderivato rosmarino

    Biliary tract: Rosmarinus officinalis Bud Extract 50 ml

  • Sale! betulla

    Birch bud extract 50 ml – betula pubescens M.G. 1DH

  • Sale! betula pendula

    Birch Gems Bud Extract 50 ml (betula pendula) M.G. 1DH

  • Sale!

    Blackcurrant bud extract 50 ml M.G. 1DH

  • ficus carica gemmoderivato

    Ficus carica Bud Extract 50 ml M.G. 1DH

  • vite vinifera

    Inflamed joints: Vitis vinifera Bud Extract 50 ml


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