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Belly, hips, breasts, buttocks, thighs are the points in which stretch marks or “striae distensae” appear most often, narrow linear depressions of the skin often oriented perpendicularly to the lines of skin tension, which can appear in both men and women, generally where the tension is greater and the adipose panniculus is more developed.

It is estimated that about 70% of girls and 40% of boys develop stretch marks during puberty, while in pregnancy 90% of women. They have important psychological repercussions especially on women who are affected, well aware of the limit both in prevention and in their treatment.

Stretch marks: red or white?

Stretch marks are imperfections due to a lack of elasticity on the part of the skin: after a thinning and a loss of blood supply, real furrows begin to appear in the skin. The color of the stretch mark depends on the level of spraying and the approach for the most suitable treatment depends on this: if the stretch marks are red or pink, it means that a certain blood circulation is still present, if the stretch marks are white, instead, it is the signal that this has stopped (this last hypothesis is the most difficult to solve).

Stretch marks: Causes

There are many possible causes that lead to the formation of stretch marks:

  • pregnancy: especially between the 6th and 8th month when glucose tolerance decreases and the concentration of blood steroids increases, as well as for weight variation;
  • obesity: in this case the stretch marks predominate at the level of the hips and thighs, and they are all the more impressive the quicker the increase in weight or when obesity is associated with endocrine disorders;
  • physical activity: especially of a sports nature, it seems to be responsible for horizontal stretch marks visible in the dorsal lumbar region and on the thighs. They are due to small intradermal lacerations (caused by repeated stresses that subject the connective tissue of the dermis to strong tensions) and to the increased production of cortisol present in the circulation;
  • treatments with medicines: therapy with corticosteroids, especially if continued for a long time, induces the appearance of wide stretch marks, in particular close to the folds, ie where the local absorption of cortisone has been greater;
  • considerable and sudden weight loss.

Stretch marks: effective remedies

Once formed, both the more recent pinkish-red stretch marks, but above all the lighter ones (white stretch marks), therefore less recent (for example caused by juvenile development), cannot be eliminated, but only improve their aesthetic appearance by trying to make them as less obvious as possible.

From the cosmetological point of view, many products on the market rely on the addition of elasticising, moisturizing and toning substances included in various types of formulations, from the so-called serums to emulsions with abundant fat phase; other products use plant extracts of various origins for their qualities of elasticizing and stimulating dermal fibroblasts. Furthermore, similar substances are used to intervene on the inflammatory phase of stretch marks by virtue of their soothing power.

Cosmetic treatments must be started early in pregnancy or in other situations of risk of onset before the stretch marks develop. When now stretch marks are whitish, it may be satisfying to use products containing substances that can reduce the contrast between the hypopigmentation of stretch marks and healthy skin.

Erboristeria Como: the remedies against stretch marks that we recommend

To obtain effective results to prevent or aesthetically improve stretch marks and scars we recommend organic cosmeceuticals with a high concentration of active ingredients, designed and developed by Domus Olea Toscana, in collaboration with the University of Florence, with selected ingredients and tested in vitro and in vivo. Then:

How to prevent stretch marks?

The high content of antioxidants Domus Olea neutralizes most of the free radicals responsible for the degradation of cell membranes, preventing oxidative stress and protecting the skin, and more! daily uses one or more of the following products, excellent for preventing, among other things, stretch marks during pregnancy, possibly alternating them:

  • Multieffect Anti-Aging Body Face Cream (high elasticity and nourishing power and at the same time produces a significant reduction in redness) and Anti-Age Face Body Hair Oil (antioxidant, nourishing, soothing, restructuring), used as a shower oil;
  • Firm-Lift Body Cream that gives the skin a soft and dry silky effect, which is instantly tighter and progressively more toned, fleshed out and smooth. In addition, this cream is specific for parts of the body with skin relaxation due to aging or weight changes (weight loss, post-pregnancy).

Some specific ingredients of Firm-Lift Body Cream: the extract of organic Goji berries, a mine of vitamin C and mineral salts that regulate and catalyze the main skin functions; fruit acids, AHA, which gently stimulate cell renewal and eliminate dead cells, smoothing and brightening the skin; biomimetic peptides such as Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-19 (botox-like); Hyaluronic acid, vegetable glycerin and honey (moisturizers and humectants); vegetable collagen (maintenance of hydration and instant tensor effect); oils with a strong nourishing, emollient and smoothing action; Green Walnut extract, rich in tannins, an effective protein cross-linking agent, increases skin tone and elasticity. Dermatological tests performed on 10 volunteers of both sexes showed that the skin treated with 3% green walnut extract for 2 times / day for 30 days was more compact and elastic (5% increase), thus counteracting aging skin.

How to improve existing stretch marks aesthetically?

Especially for older stretch marks, you can alternate prevention products (which help level the skin keeping it supple), with Lipo-Drain-Lift Body Cream.

Lipo-Drain-Lift Body Cream is slimming, draining, lifting, antioxidant, firming, smoothing and effectively acts on the imperfections caused by cellulite (“orange peel” skin) improving the appearance and tone of the skin and cutaneous relaxations of legs, abdomen, buttocks, arms. With daily use, the skin is more toned and smooth, nourished and soft. In particular:

alpha-hydroxy acids act as exfoliants, allowing younger skin with a pigment closer to the natural tone to take their place, renewing it and giving it greater homogeneity and smoothness. In addition, in this cream there are also substances that are used to nourish, firm and confer lifting effect on the skin; Chili extract recalls blood in the superficial layers, a favorable action in the presence of stretch marks: the chilli stem cells in fact have shown in vitro to double the protein content in keratinocytes, in just 24 hours, thanks to the increase in cell viability .

In vivo, treated skin at 1% showed an increase in total elasticity of 9% after just 10 days of treatment, with a consequent improvement in skin tone and compactness! Lipo-Drena-Lift Body Cream also contains Goji berry extract and biomimetic peptides such as Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-19 (botox-like).

Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-19 (botox-like) has been shown to increase collagen I synthesis (mostly present in the skin) by a cellular model of human dermal fibroblasts in an in vitro culture (72 hours) by 230%. In vivo, in a 5% solution, after a 28-day treatment on 15 volunteers, he showed a 33% reduction in wrinkles.

Lipo-Drain-Lift Body Cream in addition to its action against stretch marks, it is a true anti-cellulite cream: slimming and reshaping, it effectively reduces the imperfections caused by cellulite thanks to the drosera extract (with very positive clinical tests in this regard) and to draining and lipolytic substances which help to improve the general tone of the skin (including Caffeine, Escin, Rusco, Birch, Artichoke).

3) How to visually improve existing scars? for the hard scars to soften we recommend the Multieffect Anti-Aging Body Face Cream, to improve the appearance of soft scars the Lipo-Drain-Lift Body Cream.

Dr. Laura Comollo

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