Dyspepsia and ficus bud extract: how fight digestive disorders caused by stress and anxiety. discover now in this post.


Just as the cranberry bud extract (Vaccinum vitis idaea) is the specific remedy for all the disorders affecting the colon and the linden bud extract (Tilia Tomentosa) for the nervous system, the ficus bud extract (Ficus carica glycerine macerate) is for the stomach. The main indication of the fig bud extract is for the psychomatic manifestations related to the digestive sphere.

Dyspepsia: What is the ficus bud extract

It is a glycerine macerate obtained from the buds of the Ficus carica L. (Fico) plant. The active ingredients are extracted from the young parts of the plant (buds, buds, etc.) through a solution of water, glycerin and alcohol, but unlike the mother tincture, the bud extract is characterized by a lower alcohol content.

Ficus bud extract’s properties: when and why to use it

The ficus bud extract manifests elective action at the level of the cortico-diencephalic axis of which it helps to re-balance the function, therefore it is important to use it whenever a clear neurotic component (stress anxiety) is found at the base of the functional disorder: it may be, in fact, considered the remedy of psychosomatic manifestations, in particular of the digestive sphere where it regulates motility and gastroduodenal secretion.

It is therefore useful:

  • in esophageal dysphagia (difficulty swallowing food or water),
  • in dyspeptic disorders (halitosis, nausea, regurgitation, abdominal swelling, belching … is the case of the so-called “bad digestion”)
  • in gastroduodenal affections in general (from dyspepsia to complications of peptic ulcer),
  • in hypercloridria (increase in abnormal gastric juice following emotional stress and other forms of pathology leading to peptic ulcer) and in hypochloridria (a common symptom of various diseases, such as pernicious anemia, atrophic gastritis and stomach cancer),
  • in hiatal hernia (a pathology that affects the stomach causing its portion to rise towards the thoracic cavity),

Also the irritable colon (as well as esophageal reflux) is often associated with psychological conditions with high level of anxiety. The positive action of Ficus in gastric disorders confirms the relationships that connect the stomach and cerebral cortex.

It can also be inserted, together with other therapeutic aids, in the treatment of obesity or overweight of psychosomatic origin. In fact, in addition to normalizing gastric secretion and regulating appetite, it will contribute to reducing the anxiety component that is often associated with this state.

Thanks to the neuro-vegetative rebalancing action, it can be prescribed in clinical pictures in which the emotional component gives rise to psychosomatic events. This will be indicated in the following situations:

  • in the subject who has suffered a cervical trauma, where he will contribute to attenuate the subjective syndrome characterized by depression, vertigo, headache, asthenia, etc .;
  • in trigeminal neuralgia in association with the olive gemmoderivate (European olea, Tetau);
  • in neurovegetative dystonia and in phobic-obsessive neurosis with tachycardia and palpitations, etc .;
  • in the anxious-depressive forms;
  • in the generalized sensations of physical and mental fatigue: one feels without strength at the least effort (“psychophysical asthenia”);
  • in spasmophilia (a syndrome characterized by neuromuscular hyperexcitability, usually latent, which can manifest itself with illnesses, spasms, tingling, etc., which sees, in addition to a disturbance in the distribution of calcium ions, a clear emotional component);
  • in motion sickness (car sickness, etc.).

In addition to normalizing gastric secretion, it has a very interesting healing role
on the gastro-duodenal mucosa. Because of its virtues on the gastroduodenal mucosa, ficus carica is also used in the treatment of gastric ulcer and gastroduodenal ulcers and in gastritis.

Ficus bud extract: the posology

Ficus carica bud extract (or popularly also known as Ficus carica drops) is taken in drops, 50 to be exact, diluted in half a glass of water and sipped slowly, 1-2 times a day.

Dyspepsia: Ficus bud extract, more possibilities of use

  • associated with linden bud extract: in the case of neurovegetative dystonia, anxiety. In particular:

-in the case of gastritis in scientific literature, it is recommended to take 50 drops of fig bud extract in water before lunch and dinner and 20-40 drops of linden bud extract in half a glass of water before bedtime for cycles of 20 days a month for 2 -3 months (spring-autumn);

-in the case of stress in scientific literature, it is recommended to take 50 drops of fig bud extract in half a glass of water before lunch and dinner and 20-40 drops of linden bud extract in half a glass of water before breakfast and to lie down for 20 days cycles month for 2-3 months.

  • associated with the olive bud extract (Olea europea) in case of facial neuralgia: Olea europea has been used by Tétau in trigeminal neuralgia treatment together with Ficus carica. It is usually prescribed to take 50 drops in half a glass of water of olive bud extract, before breakfast and to take 50 drops of fig bud extract in half a glass of water before dinner for 2 out of 3 cycles.
  • associated with rosemary bud extract in case of dyspepsia. It is usually recommended to take 50 drops of rosemary bud extract in half a glass of water before breakfast and 50 drops of fig bud extract in half a glass of water before lunch and dinner for 2-3 month cycles (20 days of treatment and 10 days off).
  • associated with silver fir bud extract and linden bud extract in case of fibromyalgia. It is usually prescribed to take 20-40 drops in half a glass of water of linden bud extract before breakfast, 50 drops of fig bud extract in half a glass of water before lunch and 50 drops of fir bud extract in water before dinner, for 2-3 cycles months (20 days of treatment and 10 days of pause).
  • associated with Ribes nigrum bud extract: in case of solar erythema. Ribes (blackcurrant) because it is a great remedy for inflammation and allergies; Ficus because it acts on the emotional and dystonic component. It is usually prescribed to take 50 drops of blackcurrant bud extract in half a glass of water before breakfast for 1 month before exposure and 50 drops of fig bud extract before dinner.


Plant generally considered safe at the recommended doses. Do not take in case of allergy and personal sensitivity. Avoid taking the bud derivative during pregnancy and lactation.

Dr. Laura Comollo

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