binge eating disorders very often require a personalized and accurate approach that evaluates, in addition to the nutritional status, the existing psychopathological state and the motivation for change.


To obtain a rapid weight loss and / or the patient’s inability to adhere to dietary plans compatible with weight loss, it is also possible to evaluate some natural remedies, and in particular the use of substances that reduce the sense of hunger or that reduce the absorption of nutrients. Among the plants of choice for this problem are griffonia, gimnema, opuntia. In this article we will also tell you about one of our patented natural remedies, made in Italy, which could be right for you.

How to fight it in herbal medicine

Among the most accredited and useful plants for reducing the sense of hunger there are opuntia (prickly pear), griffonia and gymnema. Each with different features and functions.

Opuntia, or nopal, in the spongy tissues of cladodes, contains high molecular weight polysaccharides called opuntiamannans, which adsorb nutrients, sugars and cholesterol into the intestinal lumen, effectively preventing their absorption. For this reason it is found in our product to lose weight brucia fat.

Gimnema Sylvestre, a climbing plant of the forests of India and tropical Africa, in the Hindu language is called “gurmar” that is “sugar eats” as the leaves, once chewed, have the property of inhibiting the perception of sweet taste (and therefore to inhibit its intake), without changing that of salty and bitter. According to Capasso (1), gymnemic acids and in part saponins (Gimnesian), present in the leaves, can reduce the intestinal absorption of glucose, are able to stimulate the pancreatic secretion of insulin and also can promote the uptake and l ’tissue utilization of glucose, favoring the hypoglycemic action. Gimnema has been used for more than 2000 years in Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of “excess sugar” or “sweet urine” (diabetes mellitus).

Griffonia simplicifolia is a shrubby plant that is widespread in the semi-humid tropical areas of Central West Africa. The seeds contained in legumes are used for Griffonia, which are harvested when the legumes are fully ripe and which contain 5-hydroxy-tryptophan (5-HTP) as the active ingredient. 5-HTP in our body is a precursor of serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine), a very important neurotransmitter involved in various physiological functions including the functions of sleep, appetite and mood (for mood Griffonia is in our PsycheLiberamente and PsycheLiberaVamp products). Interesting actions of 5-HTP have also been observed in the treatment of insomnia and migraine. Numerous studies have demonstrated the marked antidepressant action of 5-HTP in vivo and this represents the main use of the drug. Considering the role of serotonin in the hypothalamus, it has also been shown that 5-HTP induces an inhibitory effect on the hunger center at this level. In the subject there is an increase in the sense of satiety with a consequent decrease in appetite and a decrease in body weight: this is why Griffonia is useful for the treatment of nervous hunger and obesity in adults. It should be noted that Griffonia in soft extract (Soft Griffonia Extract S.E.L.®, present in Famesel) has better availability than the dry extract.

Garcinia is also sometimes cited by herbalists, although in the course of studies, for its content in hydroxycitric acid, which reduces the synthesis of fatty acids, lipogenesis and food intake with a consequent reduction in body weight and a sense of satiety. Among the various hypotheses it would seem that the inhibition of citrate lyase by hydroxycitric acid reduces the synthesis of fatty acids and that the molecules of citrate, removed from the action of citrate lyase, are diverted for the synthesis of glycogen, which, accumulating in the liver, it can cause a feeling of satiety.

Binge eating disorders natural remedies: here is one that is truly effective

There has recently been on the Italian market a specific product for the control of the sense of hunger, Famesel, clinically studied on compulsive eating and depressive symptoms, at the University of Pisa. We propose it on our online herbalist shop here and here’s why.

Famesel is a food supplement that exploits the synergy of Griffonia, Banaba, Gymnema and Cinnamon extracts:

  • Griffonia (tit. Min. 12% in 5-HTP, in soft extract!) And Gymnema (E.S. tit. Min. 25% in gymnemic acid) can be useful for controlling the sense of hunger;
  • Gymnema intervenes in the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids;
  • Cinnamon (E.S. E / D 1: 4) and Banaba (E.S. tit. Min.1% in corosolic acid) can promote the regularity of intestinal transit.

The study conducted on Famesel in the laboratories of the University of Siena had the study’s objectives to evaluate whether the Griffonia S.E.L.® Molle Extract is able to:

* reduce the number and episodes of Binge Eating (BED). This was assessed based on the Binge Eating Scale (BES) score. The BES is a Self-Assessment Questionnaire that explores individual eating behavior and the person’s relationship with food; there are 16 questions of which it is possible to choose only one answer and each one is assigned a score. A score above 27 indicates that binge eating symptoms are likely.

* reduce depressive symptoms. This was assessed based on the Beck Depression Invetory (BDI), a questionnaire on depression with which, based on the score obtained, the degree of depression of the subject can be assessed.

The results obtained by evaluating anthropometric parameters, eating behavior, depressive symptoms, indicate that the intake of Molle di Griffonia S.E.L.® tit. 12% in 5-HTP contained in Famesel, at a daily dosage for a period of 12 weeks (minimum 800 mg with an intake of 96 mg of 5-HTP):

  • reduce the Body Mass Index (BMI) by 5.9%, binge eating episodes by 50% (assessed on a weekly basis), the number of days (assessed weekly) in which eating episodes occur by 60% uncontrolled;
  • determines a statistically significant improvement in the indices of eating behavior (assessed by the BES scale) and in depressive symptoms (evaluated by the BDI scale).

Famesel against Binge eating disorders: how to take it

Famesel is taken like this: it is recommended to take a measuring spoon in 1 liter of water to drink during the day, between meals, or 15 ml in 500 ml of water. FameSel can be safely combined with PsycheLiberamente, to combat sadness, to be taken 1 vial in the morning and / or after lunch. Also in case of an anxious component, Sleep and Rest drops, or fig bud extract  and linden bud extract (they are specific for autonomic dystonia, anxiety). In case of physical and mental fatigue without sadness, then one could instead associate FameSel with Rhodiola (adaptogen).

FameSel can also be combined with the draining DrenaSel forte for at least the first month or the draining-slimming bruciadren fast and Garcinia to promote a sense of satiety (before meals).

Binge eating disorders and weight gain: good advice

To keep track of your weight and understand the improvements, it would be useful to monitor yourself! You take a diary, fill in these data every day: weight, measure hips, calf, waist, thigh under the groin, arms, underarm; also note if you are following the nutritionist’s diet how it went or what you actually ate.

Dr. Laura Comollo

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