Wild Pansy mother tinture 50 ml


Wild Pansy (Viola Tricolor) mother tincture is known for its beneficial dermo purifying properties, for hives and forunculosis.

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Wild Pansy mother tinture, Instructions for use: it is recommended to take 20-30 drops of Wild Pansy mother tincture diluted in a little water, 3 times a day.

Ingredients Wild Pansy mother tinture: Hydroalcoholic extract (water, bio alcohol (45% vol), aerial part, ratio D / E 1/10) of Pansy (Viola tricolor L.) organic aerial part; 3.1 g of extract correspond to 90 drops (daily dose).

Pansy Mother Tincture is an ancient remedy for dermatosis and furunculosis, thanks to its dermo-purifying action. Possible associations by scientic literature:

– as a skin purifier:

a) formula for skin drainage: associate Burdock Mother Tincture, Viola tricolor Mother Tincture, artichoke mother tincture in equal parts in a single bottle and take 30 drops in water 1-2 times a day for 20 days- 1 month. This formulation, reported by Campanini (“Phytotherapy, Gemmotherapy, homeopathy”, ed. 2017) is indicated in case of dermatosis, may precede or follow a pharmacological treatment, homeopathic, etc.

b) Bergeret and Tétau dermo purifying formula (La Nuova Fitoterapia, 1983): Burdock Mother Tincture, Viola tricolor Mother Tincture, Fumaria Mother Tincture, in equal quantities up to 125 ml. Doses: for an adult use 50-70 drops morning, noon and evening fasting. Dilute the product in a little water and drink in small sips held each time for about 1 minute under the tongue to favor a first absorption by the oral mucosa. There is also another version of this formula, by Tetau, for furunculosis: Burdock Mother Tincture, Viola tricolor Mother Tincture, Dandelion Mother Tincture, in the same quantities up to a total of 125 ml, to be used this way: 50-70 gtt , diluted in a little water and sipped slowly, fasting in the morning, and before 2 meals. In the case of furunculosis, the Domus Olea Anti-Imperfection Serum can be used topically.

Brand: Specchiasol

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