Water retention in legs: Birch Sap 50 ml


Birch sap is known for draining and purifying properties. It is the classic bud extract for cellulite, overweight, water retention and in particular water retention in legs, and for heavy legs and swollen with excess liquids.

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Birch sap, by Specchiasol, is a natural supplement that contains pure Birch (Betula pendula Roth.) glycerine macerate Sap.

Birch sap, known for its draining and purifying properties, is classically indicated against cellulite, overweight, water retention in legs and in all body, heavy legs and swollen with excess liquids.

Curiosities from the scientific literature and associations in use.

  • Birch sap is a general draining for the organism, it is also reported for its analgesic and uricolytic action. With its use it is also obtained a tonic activity that contributes to the state of general well-being determined by the purifying and draining properties. To take advantage of the draining action it is recommended to take 30 drops of Birch Sap in a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime, 20-30 days;
  • the great indication of the Birch Sap is that concerning the treatment of cellulite where it clearly reduces the kneading and the painful component, in addition to contrasting, thanks to the increase in diuresis, almost always present water retention: so it also useful for water retention in legs! Due to these peculiarities and to the cholesterol-lowering activity that characterizes it, it is part of the therapeutic schemes of the treatment of overweight. To strengthen the anti-cellulite activity, Birch Lymph can generally be associated with the juniper bud extract: in this case it is advisable to take 50 drops of birch sap before breakfast and 50 drops of juniper bud extract before dinner, for cycles repeated 20 days a month;
  • in the case of lymphatic edema there is a tendency to associate Birch Sap to the Chestnut bud extract (Castanea vesca): an example, you can take 50 drops diluted in water of Birch Sap in the morning before breakfast and 50 drops diluted in water of Chestnut bud extract before lunch and dinner.

Instructions for use: As a rule we recommend taking 20-30 drops of birch sap, 2-3 times a day, diluted in a little water, for at least 20 days.

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