Valerian drops: valerian mother tincture 50 ml


Valerian drops to improve sleep. Valerian Mother Tincture has sedative properties and promotes relaxation in case of stress and sleep.

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Valerian is the central plant in the treatment of minor sleep disorders in herbal medicine. According to the EMA it is effective “in reducing the latency time necessary to fall asleep, in reducing the frequency of nocturnal awakenings, in extending the duration of the night’s rest, improving its quality and, consequently, the well-being of the individual during the day” . It is indicated in transient sleep disorders and in any case not associated with serious mental disorders. Clear anxiolytic action.

Valerian is indicated in the states of: nervous excitement; nervous insomnia; nervous tachycardia. Our Valerian Mother tincture is Valerian drops useful to improve sleep.

How to use our Valerian drops: for adults, the Valeriana Tincture can be used as a tranquilizer if you take 50 drops diluted in water 2 times a day after meals (the last administration should be done about 30 minutes before bedtime); for insomnia, if you take 80-100 drops in the evening (about 30 minutes before bedtime).

Possible associations with scientific literature:

  • in the bibliography, Duraffourd, D’Hervicourt L., Lapraz propose their Sleeping Drops based on Escholzia Mother Tincture, Valerian Mother Tincture, Linden bud extract, in an equal dose for a total of 125 ml advising to take 100 drops in a glass of water in the evening before bedtime;
  • if you have initial Insomnia (difficulty in falling asleep), Dr. Campanini reports: “Valerian Mother Tincture and Escholzia Mother Tincture can be taken together, in equal quantities in a single bottle: 30 drops diluted in water in the late afternoon and 50 drops diluted in water in the evening half an hour before bedtime “. Why Escolzia? “Escolzia is specific in case of difficult sleep (initial insomnia), it also limits nocturnal awakenings, nightmares and shows an antalgic action. The preparations based on excrement reduce the time of falling asleep and favor a clear improvement of the quality of sleep ( lack of repression of the REM phase) which becomes restorative and soothing “.

Brand: Erboristeria Como – Italian Phytopreparators

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