UV hair protection Solar Oil 150 ml


UV hair protection solar hair oil, with solar filter, Specchiasol. This hair sun protection oil is rich in functional active ingredients with protective, restructuring, polishing and shaping properties, gives softness and protection every day to all types of hair against the sun’s rays thanks also to its filter anti UV hair protection.

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Specific UV hair protection oil for hair sun protection, with sun filter.

Istructions for use: apply a few drops of protective oil, sunscreen oil with specchiasol on the still wet hair. Do not rinse after use. The product, applied also on dry hair, shapes the hairstyle creating the typical “wet effect”.

UV hair protection functional ingredients: nettle and horsetail: antiseborroic, anti-dandruff and regenerating action. Thanks to the high content of iron, silicon, calcium and potassium, they also guarantee a strong remineralizing action; Elicriso: lenitive and strengthening action; Chamomile: naturally contains Azulene, useful for counteracting the yellowing of hair exposed to the sun.

Brand: Specchiasol

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