Tension headache: Lenimyr 10 Capsules


Lenimyr is a food supplement based on Ginger, Myrrh and caffeine useful to counteract the states of localized tension localized at the level of the head (tension headache) and in case of nek pain. International patent EP17207018

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Lenimyr is natural pain reliever for tension headache. Also excellent not only for tension headache but also for those suffering from neck pain caused by muscle tension: neck pain is a syndrome characterized by painful stiffness, aggravated by cold-damp, exertion and spoiled positions. The pain can radiate in the occipital region (occipital headache), towards the arms (cervicobrachialgia) or in the interscapular-vertebral region.

Instructions for Use: We recommend taking 1 or 2 capsules a day as needed.

Functional ingredients: Myrrh, Ginger and Caffeine.

Packaging: 10 capsules

Brand: Specchiasol

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