Stem pineapple Mother Tincture 50 ml


Stem Pineapple mother tincture is good for water retention.

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Stem Pineapple mother tincture is good for water retention. Pineapple stem, mother tincture, is prepared according to pharmacopoeia. It is a hydroalcoholic extract (water, alcohol, plant part 20%) of Pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merr.) Stem.

Pineapple stem properties

Pineapple stem in herbal medicine is used for its content of proteolytic enzymes with anti-inflammatory and anti-edema activity, including particularly effective bromelain. in the treatment of edema and water retention. It also contains cellulose, pectins and glucomannan. The presence of organic acids also has a diuretic action. Pineapple also contains active ingredients capable of acting on the blood vessels, reducing vasodilation and excessive capillary permeability.

Cellulite occurs as an inflammatory process due to which liquids ooze into the intercellular spaces and, in the absence of adequate therapy, leads to the atrophy of the capillaries and the infiltration of fat into the intercellular spaces; therefore, the action of bromelain, anti-edema and anti-inflammatory, together with other active ingredients of the extract, can decongest the areas of cellulite infiltration, favoring the reabsorption of liquids exuded to the outside, which can then be eliminated thanks to the diuretic action of the stalk of pineapple.

Pineapple stem mother tincture: how to use

How to use: 20-30 drops 2 times a day diluted in water, preferably between meals. We at Erboristeria recommend it in association with the bud extract of betula pubescens which stimulates the metabolism. Together, pineapple and betula are useful for reactivating the body and purifying itself. You can also take it in combination with our water retention supplement to enhance its effect. In case of cellulite instead, with our fat burner supplement.

Warnings: Fiorenzuoli does not recommend taking pineapple stem extracts during pregnancy and, if you take drugs, these interactions are reported: it can reduce the absorption of drugs simultaneously taken; it could give a sum of effects with the antiplatelet agents.

Brand: Erbe Nobili srl.

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