Orange flower blossom water 125 ml


Orange flower blossom water is a magnificent aromatic water with relaxing and soothing properties that helps in cases of stress and insomnia. Useful for all skin types to regenerate and tone. It gives wellbeing and balance. ATTENTION: this product is out of stock and can no longer be recovered. You can find our hydrosols here.

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Orange blossom hydrolat (Citrus aurantium L. Ssp. Amara) from Maternatura, for cosmetic use. Its properties:

calming: the hydrolat Orange flowers, like all products derived from bitter orange, the hydrolat is also particularly relaxing. It is therefore ideal for fighting stress, anxiety, depression: it is enough to spread a small amount on a cloth or a handkerchief to help us relax.
rebalancing for all skin types: as a tonic and lotion, hydrosol is suitable for all skin types and scalp and helps to calm sensitive or dry skin and rebalance oily skin. Gently refreshes. Helps soothe skin irritations and reduce redness. Sprinkled on rosacea, Orange Blossom water gives a pleasant freshness and a soothing sensation. It is perfect for soothing irritated and hot skin.
regenerating and illuminating: restores radiance to the complexion.

Like all hydrolates, you can use it:

sprayed directly on the face or body or hair for an aromatic dew bath.
in a pack or always sprayed on sun-reddened skin.
as refreshing and anti-fatigue tablets for the eyes
added to water to remove masks, make-up removers, peels, (mitigating the negative effect of chlorine and disinfectants)
instead of tonic or to eliminate residues of micellar waters or biphasic make-up removers or oils.
also ideal as a simple facial cleansing gesture if you are not wearing make-up or in the morning if we have already removed make-up and deeply cleansed the skin the previous evening.
in the shampoo rinse water.
as a specific lotion in the treatment of skin problems.
perfect for the most delicate skin (those of children, for example) when the use of essential oils could have contraindications.
mixed with masks (clays, muds, silts).
mixed together to obtain particular floral waters.
mixed with essential oils for a hydro-aromatherapy treatment.

Brand: MaterNatura.

ATTENTION: this product is out of stock and can no longer be recovered. You can find our hydrosols here.


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