Neem powder for hair and acne 100 gr


Finely Neem powder Phitofilos powder, vegan ok, for a compress on skin and hair, useful for its properties against lice and against excessive sebaceous secretion of the scalp even with the presence of dandruff. Strengthens the hair shaft.

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Neem Powder finely powdered Phitofilos, vegan ok, is pure powder of Melia Azadirachta leaves. Neem powder does not have the pungent smell of neem oil although it still boasts some properties. This plant is considered a natural pesticide and can be used on the person, but also in the environment. Azadirachta is famous as it neutralizes parasites such as mites, lice and aphids both in the larval and egg stage and is also a valid remedy as a mosquito repellent (it does not kill them, it only removes them), to be used in the environment or on the body ( see also Phitofilos neem oil spray). In Ayurvedic medicine, Azadirachta powder is considered suitable for both hair and skin care.

Neem powder by Phitofilos: what is it for

You can use Neem powder because It is:

  • an excellent cosmetic treatment against excessive sebaceous sweating of the scalp even in the presence of dandruff.
  • strengthens the hair shaft, giving it tone and body.
  • one of our natural remedies against lice, also recommended for children because it is powdered; this completely vegetable pack in fact fights pediculosis and protects the hair.
  • a valid cosmetic treatment on the skin of the face against acne and blackheads.
Neem powder Phitofilos: how to use it

Prepare the batter with powder and hot water, apply it on the scalp, roots and lengths. Band with film and leave on for 20-40 minutes. After a final massage, rinse and proceed with normal drying. If you want to make some synergy, this powder lives very well in synergy with Amla for its strengthening aspect and with the sebum-balancing pack to restore the right lipid balance. For this aspect it is also a valid cosmetic treatment on the skin of the face against acne and blackheads.

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