Natural laxatives, Cotidierbe soft 100 ml


In case of constipation Cotidierbe soft is an ideal natural product for adults and children (up 3 years old) for intestinal regularity. It contains Lactulose contributes to the acceleration of intestinal transit, whereas Plum, Manna shoot, Altea, Tamarind and Fennel contribute to the regularity of intestinal transit. Suitable for delicate constitutions and/or those with sensitive bowels.

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Natural laxatives Cotidierbe soft, is a natural solution against constipation, for adult and children.

Dosage: in case of constipation, take 20 ml after dinner or in the morning on an empty stomach, with lots of water. Half the dosage is recommended for children (children aged three and over).

Functional ingredients: Lactulose, Prune Fruit Juice Concentrate, Manna shoot excretions m.p., Mallow leaf and flower d.e., Tamarind fruit d.e., Fennel fruit d.e.

Packaging: Bottle, 100 ml

Brand: Specchiasol

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