Natural laxatives: Cotilax Syrup 170 ml


Natural laxatives: this is a syrup to use in case of constipation. Cotilax is an ideal natural product for adults and children (up 3 years old) for intestinal regularity. It contains Lactulose contributes to the acceleration of intestinal transit, whereas Plum, Manna shoot, Altea, Tamarind and Fennel contribute to the regularity of intestinal transit. Suitable for delicate constitutions and/or those with sensitive bowels.

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Cotilax is a syrup for constipation which, due to its balanced formulation and its pleasant taste, is particularly suitable for delicate subjects and / or those with sensitive intestines. For adults and children over 3 years old, it aims to promote intestinal transit and is gluten-free.

Cotilax, constipation syrup by Specchiasol: what it is

Cotilax constipation syrup is an osmotic prebiotic supplement syrup based on soluble dietary fiber and medicinal herbs. The prebiotic is a food supplement that cannot be used by the body and is capable of selectively stimulating the development and activity of a limited number of bacteria in the colon useful for improving the state of health. The use of substances with an osmotic prebiotic action therefore allows to re-establish a correct intestinal microflora and to keep the intestinal contents soft and hydrated.

Cotilax contains lactulose, which contributes to the acceleration of intestinal transit; Concentrated plum juice, Ash (Fraxinus ornus L.) Manna, Mallow flowers and leaves d.e., Tamarind fruit d.e., Fennel fruit d.e., which contribute to the regularity of intestinal transit. In particular: the Plum has an effect favoring intestinal transit due to the presence of organic acids, sugars with osmotic action and oxyphenisatin; while the Ash Manna has properties that favor sweet intestinal transit, appreciated in children and the elderly. In addition, the Tamarind fruit is used as a mild favoring intestinal transit; finally, fennel seeds can avoid the formation of intestinal gas, meteorism and intestinal discomfort. The presence of fibers also helps intestinal regularity.

Cotilax, constipation syrup by Specchiasol: how to use it

We recommend taking after dinner or in the morning on an empty stomach with plenty of water of 20 ml of syrup if it is for an adult, if it is for a child aged 3 and over it is recommended to halve the dosage.

Brand: Specchiasol

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