Natural detox: Juniper Bud Extract 50 ml


Juniper bud extract is appreciated to favor the physiological digestive and purifying function. It is a “natural detox” for its properties on hepato-renal area.

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Juniper bud extract is appreciated for promoting the physiological purifying and natural draining function. Juniper bud extract by Specchiasol is a natural supplement that contains Juniper glyceric macerate (Juniperus communis L.) young jets, M.G. 1 DH. We can defined it a “natural detox” for its exclusive properties on liver and kidney.

According to scientific literature, Juniper bud extract is specific for hepato-renal area and can be a “natural detox” for its a double actions:

  • on the liver, and in particular at the hepatocyte level, where they exert a stimulating and regenerating activity,
  • on the kidney of which they stimulate the function

Thanks to its actions:

  1. the stimulation of diuresis, together with the increase in liver function, leads to an action on general turnover that results in an increased elimination of waste by the body and therefore a reduction of the hepato-renal area. But the action is even wider, as these activities are only part of the global effect because the action is much deeper, coming to influence “the cellular metabolism and the profile of the individual collagenous cells” (Weiss RF, Lehrbuch der Phytoterapie, Hippokrates Verlag, Stuttgart 1992) with the benefit of joint function and slowing down of degenerative processes;
  2. as the Juniper bud extract is able to stimulate renal function, it is recommended in case of water retention and cellulitis, where it can be prescribed together with Birch sap. The Juniper bud extract shows to have, in fact, a strong diuretic and uricolitic activity: this makes it an excellent general draining for the body, especially if associated with other specific bud extracts;
  3. the Juniper bud extract, thanks to the draining properties able to eliminate the metabolic waste, acts validly also in case of renal lithiasis, in particular in the form of calcium oxalate (P. Henry), in hyperuricemia and in hypercholesterolemia;
  4. is useful in the treatment of recurrent cystitis, cases in which it can be associated with the cranberry bud extract of which it enhances the antibacterial action and rebalance of the intestinal bacterial flora.
  5. In the treatment of hypercholesterolemia it can be associated with Olea europea. An example of association: olive bud extract  50 drops in water before breakfast, Juniper bud extract 50 drops in water before bedtime; 2-month cycles on 3. It is also useful in alterations of glucose metabolism as it helps to reduce blood sugar levels. For this property it can be recommended in overweight subjects who prefer a highly glucidic diet.

Instructions for use: It is generally recommended to take 30 drops of juniper bud extract, 2-3 times a day, diluted in a little water.
Packaging: 50 ml

Brand: Specchiasol.

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