Nasal decongestant spray natural Phytoialo 50 ml


Phytoialo is a natural nasal decongestant spray adjuvant in the treatment of cold and sinusitis symptoms, bacterial and viral rinofaringitis and also indicated in the post-operative period. Protects and moisturizes the nasal mucosa. Restores nasal physiological conditions.

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Phytoialo is a natural nasal decongestant spray Gluten-free, pH-controlled Delicate Spray, Without Preservatives, Propellants, Peg and Alcohol, Non-Burning. Phytoialo contains an exclusive extract, Vegetalhyalo.

Vegetalhyalo is based on sodium hyaluronate obtained through a fermentation process of a lactic bacterium on a plant substrate and allows a rapid re-epithelization of the mucosa, favoring mucociliary drainage. Recommended in case of rhinitis (also in pregnancy and in pediatrics), sinusitis and in the post-operative period.

Among the active components of the formulation of our nasal decongestant spray we find: Thyme serpillo (Selective antibacterial activity on staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa; Expectorant action), Grapefruit seeds (Selective and antiviral antibacterial activity; Effective on cold and viral and bacterial sinusitis), Drosera (Activity at the bronchial level as spasmolytic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory; effective in case of cough, bronchitis and asthma), Echinacea Angustifolia (activity of stimulation of immune defenses following viral or bacterial aggression; similar cortical action effective as preventive and in acute phase for cough and cold), Sea water (Decongestant action favoring the production of mucus).

Dosage: If necessary, remove the protective cap, and, after gently blowing the nose, insert the dispenser into a nostril and spray for 1-2 consecutive times; do the same in the other nostril.
The application can be repeated for 4-5 times throughout the day.

Advice: read more about our blog post “5 effective natural remedies to treat the cold”

Brand: Erboristeria Como

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