Mycosis Treatment: MYCOS 30 ml Medical device


A natural but effective mycosis treatment, medical device and vegan ok, MYCOS is what we recommend, especially in case of mycosis of the toenails (onychomycosis). It is a patented and certified water-in-oil solution based on plant extracts with a high antifungal action conveyed in natural oils and waxes that restore the skin barrier. It has been studied by selecting the most effective natural substances on this kind of skin problems.

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MYCOS is our proposal for the treatment of mycosis, especially of the feet. It is a natural medical device, vegan ok, useful for both treatment and prevention and boasts action:

  • antifungal
  • anti-inflammatory
  • barrier, restorative and emollient

In particular, this selected mycosis treatment contains the patented and well-known extract of GSE (patent of Prodeco Pharma), tea tree oil and black poplar with antifungal and anti-inflammatory action, combined with the barrier and restorative action of two oils (wheat germ and olive oil ) and two natural waxes (acacia flower wax and sunflower seed wax). GSE is an exclusive grapefruit seed extract patented and knows in the word for its fantastic benefits.

These solutions have been studied by selecting the most effective natural substances on this kind of skin problems, among the most powerful natural antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals and some specific essential oils including tea tree. This treatment is also enriched with precious oils and waxes that are particularly nourishing and emollient with purifying, antifungal and antiseptic properties. 100% natural product. Vegan ok.

How to use: apply a few drops of the mycosis treatment on the affected area and spread with a cotton swab. Apply the compounds 2-3 times a day. Following application, it is recommended to leave the foot uncovered and let the product absorb. If this is not possible: cover the nail with a piece of gauze before putting on the sock.

Content: 30 ml

Brand: Prodeco Pharma.