Mosquito repellent for home diffuser 10 ml


Excellent blend of pure essential oils, natural Mosquito repellent for home, formulated by prof. Marco Valussi. 100% Made in Italy (Lessinia).

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Excellent natural Mosquito repellent for home, a blended of essential oils with repellent action formulated by Marco Valussi.

Composition: essential oil from GADOI production Organic Eucalyptus, Organic intermediate Lavender, Organic Lemon, Absinthe and essential oil of Eucalyptus citriodora and Nepeta cataria and organic jojoba wax.

Origin of essential oils: Veneto (organic intermediate lavender, absinthe) and Sicily (organic lemon).

Format: 10ml with 1mm dripper

Use: Mosquito repellent for home you can use with diffuser: as environmental air freshener – use as needed several times in the diffuser

Brand: Gadoi – Magnifica Essenza

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