Lice natural treatment: FitoPid spray & comb 100 ml


How to Remove lice with natural remedies: FITOpid Spray is our 100% vegetable lice natural treatment based on isopropyl myristate and vegetable oils that have the dual action of dehydrating and suffocating the louse, also facilitating the removal of nits. Acts in 15 minutes. FITOpid shampoo will end the treatment. 100% VEGETAL, Without Preservatives, Contains no insecticides, Without silicones.

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How to Remove lice with natural remedies: here is FITOpid Spray, a lice natural treatment which acts through a mechanism of physical and not chemical action, preventing the louse from developing resistance. The product is well tolerated and can be used frequently. The Formulation of FitoPid spray lice natural treatment is free of insecticides based on vegetable oils (coconut oil), essential oils (Anise and Turkish Rose) and Isopropilmiristato which, thanks to a double mechanical action, frees from the annoying lice acting in 15 minutes and facilitates the removal of nits. Its packaging with Bag-on-Valve technology allows it to be used in any position. 100% VEGETAL, Without Preservatives, Contains no insecticides, Without silicones.

Composition: Pid Resolve ™ (vegetable complex based on coconut oil, pimpinella anise essential oil, absolute Turkish Rose essential oil (Gallic Rose), Isopropyl myristate), Tocoferil acetate.
Propellant gas: Air

Packaging: 100ml spray with dispenser + 1 fine-toothed steel comb

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Use only on intact skin. Not to be used in children under the age of 2.

How to use:

  • 1st step: check dry hair! Carefully check the head, lock by strand, also using the appropriate comb. Pay particular attention to the area behind the ears, on the nape and near the hair root: remove lice, larvae and nits detected (after use, clean the comb carefully). Extend control to all members of the family.
  • 2nd step: apply the product on dry hair: Dispense the product by impregnating well from the scalp to the tip of the hair. Thanks to the BAG-on-VALVE technology, FITOpid Spray can be used in any position. Massage the scalp well to optimize the contact between lice and solution. Leave for 15 minutes. It is advisable to keep a towel or other protection on the shoulders during treatment.
  • 3rd phase: wash the hair with the usual shampoo or with special shampoos.
  • 4th step: remove lice residues and nits with the comb: After washing, divide the wet hair into areas and comb with the comb, starting from the scalp up to the ends of the hair. Clean the comb frequently with a cotton swab.
  • 5th phase: repeat the treatment: After 7 days repeat the treatment. In the event that nits had escaped from the first treatment, the resulting larvae will be eliminated with the second. You can repeat the application several times.
  • 6th phase: periodically check the hair combing with the comb until the last treatment.


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