Legs with cellulite: Cellulite aestetic natural remedy


If you are looking for effective anti-cellulite treatments for your legs with cellulite and you are a connoisseur, this professional anti-cellulite gel, studied, tested and vegetable, combined with its supplement could be for you!

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Are you looking for effective anti-cellulite treatments? this product could really help you for your legs with cellulite! it is an anti-cellulite gel designed and tested specifically for a professional beauty treatment and it is 100% natural. This is a new but very good product! You can associate this specific supplement to it to have a 360° treatment.

Legs with cellulite: what our anti-cellulite gel contains

From the use of this gel there is an immediate sensation of freshness given by Menthol and Mentyl lactate, accompanied by the targeted activity against the skin blemishes of cellulite given by Aescin and Beta-sitosterol phytosome, Centella and a liposomal complex based on Caffeine, L-carnitine and sodium salt of deoxycholic acid which together stimulate capillary trophism. In particular, the phytosome aescin and beta sitosterol crosses the skin barrier and, once it reaches the dermis, undergoes a slow and progressive decomposition, releasing the active components. Instead, sodium deoxycholate is used in a non-surgical aesthetic treatment called Intralipotherapy. It is a technique that allows you to eliminate unsightly excess fat pads (eg double chin, abdomen, hips, legs), obtaining a remodeling of the body and face
without having to resort to surgery.

Legs with cellulite: this is how our anti-cellulite gel is used

Apply the product every day, even several times a day on the affected area (thighs, hips, waist, buttocks, arms). Then massage with circular movements until completely absorbed. Use consistently for best results.

Quantity: 250 ml

Brand: Erboristeriacomo.it

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