Lactation tea organic with Galega 100 gr


Lactation tea formulated with galega, fennel, anise, nettle and officinal verbena. Made in Italy.

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Breastfeeding herbal tea based on galega officinale summit, fennel seeds, star anise fruit, nettle leaves and officinal verbena. This nursing Lactation tea selected by us is produced at the Breseghello farm, a Made in Italy excellence. In safe and professional packaging.

Lactation tea: what it contains

As reported by Dr. Campanini’s “Dictionary of Phytotherapy and Medicinal Plants”, galega is a plant which, according to tradition, has a favorable action on milk secretion; most likely due to an improvement in the circulatory state of the mammary gland and therefore in its trophism. For this reason, it is part of the preparation of galenic herbal teas to promote milk secretion. The name itself recalls the action of the plant: gala = milk, needle = contribution.

The fruit anise and fennel seeds are adjuvants in the formula, indicated for dyspeptic disturbances such as mild gastrointestinal disorders from spasms, swelling, flatulence. Verbena and nettle are finally plants with an estrogenic action and also with a galactogenic action (ie able to increase the secretion of milk). The nettle is also diuretic but is also rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals; moreover the nettle has a galactogenic action and is therefore able to increase the secretion of milk.

Lactation tea: why to use?

This herbal tea is recommended for new mothers who in the first week after childbirth, to help establish and stabilize the lactation process; it is also valid in those cases in which there are delays in the production of milk secretion. The active principles of these plants are also able in part to pass in part to the suckling through the mother’s milk and therefore help to avoid the annoying gaseous colic that often accompany the feeding of the newborn.

Quantity: 100 gr

Brand: Erboristeria Como

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