Inflammatory urinary tract NoCist prevent 24 Capsules


NoCist Prevent is recommended for the physiological treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections. The active ingredients are natural anti-inflammatories and diuretics. In particular, Cranberry inhibits bacterial adhesion and Birch promotes the functionality of the urinary tract and drainage of body fluids. Also contains N-Acetylcysteine.

This product is not avaible and the product has been replaced with Cranberry sachets.

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Inflammatory urinary tract NoCist prevent functional ingredients: The active ingredients are natural anti-inflammatory and diuretic. N-acetylcysteine ​​(250 mg), Cranberry fruit e.s. titrated in PACs with BL-DMAC method (equal to 45 mg of PACs), Betulla leaves e.s. (40 mg).

Instructions for use: we recommend taking 2 capsules a day with a large glass of water, preferably in the evening before going to bed.

Packaging Inflammatory urinary tract NoCist prevent: box of 24 capsules.

Focus on urinary infection: Urinary tract infections (UTI) represent a very common disorder involving over 60% of women in their lifetime. Among the microorganisms responsible for UTIs, Escherichia Coli is the agent that causes 80-95% of cases of cystitis.It is called “recurrent cystitis” when at least 2 episodes are present in 6 months and 3 or more episodes during the year. The cause of recurrent cystitis is due to the formation of bacterial colonies organized in the so-called “biofilm”.
Specchiasol proposes a specific differentiated integration for cystitis in acute form and for recurrent cystitis: acute form → rapid action → Nocist Intensive; recurrent form → prolonged action → Nocist Prevent.

Brand: Specchiasol

This product is not avaible and the product has been replaced with Cranberry sachets.

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