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FitoSupport syrup is an immunitary defenses supplement. It is formulated with extracts of Erica flowers (an exceptional immunomodulant, efficacy tested in an in vitro study conducted at the University of Siena), Rose hip, Uncaria and Echinacea, with honey. Rose hip has a support and restorative action, Uncaria and Echinacea are useful for the body’s natural defenses.

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FitoSupport is a supplement to strengthen the immune system. For children, instead, look at FitoSostegno Junior. Strengthening the weak immune system, especially in the change of seasons, is a priority to stay healthy.

Especially in the change of season it is important to strengthen the immune defenses, as a weak immune system would make us continuously expose us to diseases, especially in winter. This is why immunomodulating agents, such as Immuno Fitosostegno, come to our aid.

Fitosostegno, was formulated by the Italian phytopreparators, with whom collaborates, in order to guarantee 100% natural support for the immune defenses. Gluten-free, naturally lactose-free, it is based on echinacea, uncaria, heather and rose hips. It is therefore based on natural immunomodulators, such as heather, which has efficacy tested by an ex vivo study in an experimental study of the University of Siena. Furthermore, while Rosa canina has a positive support and restorative action, uncaria and echinacea are useful for the body’s natural defenses.

Dosage: It is recommended to take 20 ml per day. It is preferable to take the product for 20 consecutive days, stop for three weeks and repeat another 20-day cycle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Packaging: 200 ml

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