How to increase immune system: Fermented Papaya


Fermented Papaya IMMUNORAC® is our Specific supplement proposed about how to increase the immune system. Food supplement made from fermented juice (ORAC MASTER® Fermented Papaya), useful to help the body’s natural defenses, particularly in winter, and for its antioxidant activity.

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How to increase the immune system? ImmunoOrac Ferrmented Papaya, with excellent quality fermented papaya, is a specific supplement to increase immune defenses and with antioxidant action. Gluten free, lactose free. Also for diabetics.

Immuno orac Fermented Papaya: what it is for

ImmunOrac is a food supplement based on fermented papaya juice (Papaya Fermented Orac Master), useful:

  • as an intensive treatment for the immune defenses
  • for its natural antioxidant activity.
Immuno orac Fermented papaya: what it is

Immuno orac is single-component, i.e. it contains only and exclusively Papaya Fermented Orac Master (fermented juice of Carica papaya L. in powder). It is also normally lactose-free and gluten-free (gluten less than 20 ppm). Produced in Italy.

ImmunOrac consists entirely of Orac Master Fermented Papaya, obtained through a long fermentation process and an exclusive granulation process that involves low temperatures, which ends with the obtaining of very fine gold-soluble granules. Papaya Fermented Orac Master is NOT subjected to the spray drying process like many unfortunately on the market. Furthermore, the fermentation and granulation of our fermented Papaya takes place in Italy, in the hills of the Florentine Chianti.

Immuno orac Fermented Papaya: how to use it

We recommend taking our fermented Papaya in this way:

  • one sachet a day of IMMUNORAC®, to be placed under the tongue, preferably in the morning between meals, for its antioxidant action;
  • in the coldest periods to support the immune defenses, in periods of intense work activity characterized by drops in concentration, in cases of physical and mental stress, it is recommended to take 3 sachets a day, away from meals, for at least 5 days. It is recommended to continue taking IMMUNORAC® for at least two months with one sachet a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Packaging:  60 sachets of 3 g (2 month of treatment!)

Brand: Erboristeria Como

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