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“Liquore Regina” by Carlo Ericini is a very sweet honey liqueur, it makes the taste of grappa appreciated even by the most delicate palates. Excellent in coffee or served iced. With fresh mountain honey by Ericini Production.

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Liquore Regina by Carlo Ericini di Bormio (Italian Alps, near Stelvio Pass) is a very sweet honey liqueur, capable of making its taste appreciated even by the most delicate palates and is also excellent in coffee or served iced.

Historic in the local artisan liqueur, Carlo Ericini’s Honey Grappa is distilled from selected pomace and high mountain honey. This last ingredient is also produced by Carlo Ericini and his son Dr. Stefano.

The Regina liqueur, in classic transparent glass, communicates its traditional authenticity making it a particular sui generis product. Honey is the oldest natural sweetener and has been present in distillates since the time of the ancient Romans.

A due clarification. The only brandy in the world to be able to boast the name of Grappa is obtained when the pomace comes from grapes produced and vinified exclusively in Italy, distilled in plants present only on the national territory. The European Union, with the regulation 1576/89, specified the typicality of this product, limiting this denomination to the Italian marc spirit only.

Ingredients: marc grappa, honey, sugar, natural flavors.

Quantity: 70 cl

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Brand: Carlo Ericini

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