Hips fat Belly & Buttocks: Burns&drains Fast 20 tablets


Burns&Drain Fast is a weight loss supplement that, thanks to its formula:• Promotes the drainage of excess fluid ➜ Orthosiphon, Regulates intestinal transit ➜ Tamarind, Limits the absorption of nutrients ➜ Prickly pear, Helps digestive function ➜ Ginger. The exclusive Orthosiphon extract is useful on belly, buttocks and hips fat.

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Burns & drains Fast is one of our weight loss supplements, with an exclusive extract for belly, buttocks and hips fat. Burns & drains Fast aim is to reduce weight:

  • promoting the drainage of excess fluids (Orthosiphon),
  • regulates intestinal transit (Tamarind),
  • limits the absorption of nutrients (Nopal or “Prickly pear”),
  • helps digestive function (Ginger).

Each of active ingredients is titrated: Tamarind dry extract tit. 5% in tartaric acid, Ortosiphon tit. 0.03% in sinensetin and or, 5% in rosmarinic acid, Ginger tit. 5% in total gingerols. Gluten free.

Burns & drains Fast is one of our slimming supplements with 3orthoDREN® (the other is DrenaSel Forte, in drink): 3orthoDREN® is the first Orthosiphon extract subjected to a triple extraction process and therefore has:

  • a diuretic (to reduce hips fat),
  • anti-fermentative action (to reduce belly)
  • toning action (to reduce buttocks).

Dosage: It is recommended to take one tablet twice a day, during or immediately after a meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Packaging: 20 tablets of 1100 mg

Brand: Erboristeria Como

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