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Oil 31, original formula, or 31 herbs oil, is a famous mixture of 31 herbs; it has numerous practical applications such as: refreshing, toning, massaging the skin and muscles, for oral rinses, for the hair, as aftershave, as reactivating and firming. It can also be used as a tonic and refreshing for the feet and with water steaming it to take advantage of the beneficial effect of its balsamic essences.

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Oil 31 original recipe, by Raihuen is a known herbs oil: 31 herbs oil is a composition of essential oils extracted from 31 herbs carefully selected and carefully chosen plants. The extraction of the essential oil occurs naturally in a current of steam or, for some parts of the plant, by pressure.
Raihuen original recipe 31 oil is dermatologically tested.

Here’s how it’s used our 31 herbs oil:
on dry hair, pour 7 drops of product and rub lightly, then comb;
after shaving, to tone and soften the skin of the face, pour 4 drops of product on the palm of the hand and pass it over the entire surface of the face and forehead, massaging lightly for about a minute;
in case of numb muscles and joint pain, massage the affected part with 8-10 drops of product.
for a cosmetic treatment of mouth and teeth, the fate of rinses with 2-4 drops of product in a glass of water;
a few drops on the toothbrush tone the gums and make the breath pleasant;
against bad breath, pour 1-2 drops on his tongue;
to make inhalations, use up to 10 drops per liter of water;
a few drops can be dropped on the handkerchief and sucked through the nose with the mouth closed;
if you have tired and fatigued feet, massage them with 10-15 drops of product;
as a perfuming and balsamic purifying agent of the environment (a few drops in the humidifier of the radiators or in the essence diffuser).

The product is not used on children under the age of two. Warning: the product is not for internal use.

Brand: Raihuen, Natur Farma.

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