Herbs for constipation: Herbs of well-being 100 tablets


Herbs of well-being medium are a mix of herbs for constipation recommended for the physiological intestinal function.

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Our Herbs for constipation are a mix of herbs for constipation selected for your well being. They are recommended for the physiological intestinal function.

Natural laxative against constipation: these are the ingredients of our Herbs for medium well-being

Our natural laxative in tablets is primarily a base of dry extracts of cascara and senna, known purgatives that stimulate the peristalsis of the bowel; fennel according to ESCOP is useful for dyspeptic disorders such as mild spastic gastrointestinal affections, bloating and flatulence. In addition, licorice has emollient and anti-inflammatory properties; mallow is emollient and soothing; gentian is useful in dyspeptic disorders; dandelion is useful in the recovery of liver and biliary function, dyspepsia and inappetence; flax seeds are useful according to ESCOP in case of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticula, short-term symptomatic treatment of gastritis and enteritis. Lastly, mannite, a mild laxative.

Nutritional information: 2 tablets contain: Cascara e.s. 170 mg, Fennel powder 68 mg, Senna powder 60 mg, Licorice e.s. 27 mg, Malva e.s. 20 mg, Gentian powder 20 mg, Dandelion powder 19.6 mg, Lino e.s. 7 mg, Mannite 7 mg.

Severe constipation: here’s how to use our Natural laxative

In case of severe constipation, take 1-2 tablets in the evening on a stomach full of Herbs for constipation for 5-6 days and 1 vial a day away from meals for 24 days of our lactic ferments for intolerant.

Natural laxative against constipation: how to use

We recommend taking 1-2 tablets accompanied by a glass of water in the evening. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Packaging: 100 tablets.

Brand: erboristeriacomo.it

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