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Erboristeria Como presents to you Its “Hepatic Tea”: this is an herbal tea for liver detox for those who want to purify the liver by toxins and feel healthier. It is choleretic-cholagogue and also has a mild diuretic and laxative effect.

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For those who want to purify the liver of toxins and here we at Erboristeria Como offer you a herbal tea of ​​our production: “Hepatic herbal tea”. It is a detoxifying liver herbal tea prepared according to an ancient herbal recipe, with the best liver cleansing herbs. It is a choleretic-cholagogue herbal tea and also has a mild laxative effect. This herbal tea is also suitable for those with fatty liver problems (fatty liver). What is fatty liver? when the fats in the blood are in excess, the liver is unable to metabolize them all and therefore they accumulate in the organ tissue: its cells fill up with triglycerides until the percentage of fat inside the liver is higher than 5% of the organ itself. In these conditions we speak of hepatic steatosis or “fatty liver”.

The liver processes external medicine and internal nutrients as well as making sure the body removes potentially harmful toxins. Environment, lifestyle, diet also affect liver health.

Detoxifying the liver: symptoms and benefits

When our liver is fatigued and needs to be detoxified of toxins, we develop these symptoms: trouble sleeping, aching body, foul-smelling stools, diarrhea, cough, confusion, tiredness and fatigue, acne and skin rashes, snoring, an intense or different odor of the body. Detoxifying the liver has these advantages: it stimulates healthy eating and also helps to lose unwanted and unnecessary weight, it strengthens the immune system, the risk of liver stone formation is minimized, you have more energy and the skin becomes more Pretty.

Hepatic Tea: when to use

Herbal teas with choleretic action increase the secretion of bile because they stimulate the liver cells to produce a greater quantity of bile. They are indicated in all cases of functional insufficiency of the liver, to thin and drain the bile, as well as in cases of intrahepatic biliary stasis (jaundice from intrahepatic obstruction), in affections of the biliary tract, to remove small stones. They should only be given if the liver cells are healthy, intact and functioning well.

Herbal teas and choleretic drugs, by stimulating the hepatocyte, that is the liver cells to a greater function. They are absolutely contraindicated when the liver cells are already under stress, suffering from an inflammatory or degenerative state, as in cases of cancer, acute hepatitis and chronic, cirrhosis. In these cases the administration of herbal teas and choleretic drugs is at risk, because the liver cells, already under stress, may not be able to withstand further work caused by their choleretic action.

Hepatic Tea by Erboristeria Como: the ingredients for liver detox

Our Hepatic Tea for liver detox contains, in order of quantity: Boldo leaves, bitter orange peel, chamomile flowers, nettle leaves, cascara sagrada bark, rhubarb, rhizome and dandelion root for a 360 ° action.

  • boldo: the leaves of Boldo are part of the formulation of preparations traditionally used as choleretics and cholagogues for the symptomatic treatment of dyspeptic disorders of hepatobiliary origin and spastic disorders of the gastro intestinal tract (Commission E). They are also used in constipation in association with cascara; boldo also has diuretic properties.
  • bitter orange: thanks to its bitter taste, orally it increases the chloropeptic secretion favoring digestion and stimulating the appetite.
  • chamomile: has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, relieving any irritation of the gastric mucosa
  • nettle: remineralizing and anti-inflammatory, it benefits the urinary tract
  • cascara: stimulating laxative that acts by stimulating the motility of the colon and decreasing the reabsorption of water from the intestinal mucosa; promotes a stimulating effect of the myenteric plexus by increasing the activity of smooth muscles and thus promoting defecation;
  • rhubarb: it is eupeptic and mild laxative when used in low doses. In cholagogue herbal teas it is usually associated with dandelion, while due to its mildly laxative action it is associated with cascara.
  • dandelion: in association with boldo they promote liver and biliary function; moreover, an increase in choleresis causes an increase in bile salts in the intestine, helping to give a laxative effect as well; it also has diuretic properties.

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