Foot bath salts Refreshing and deodorant 500 gr


Foot bath salts with refreshing and sanitizing essential oils.

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Refreshing and deodorant foot bath salts, without dyes and preservatives 500 ml jar.

Natural sanitizing salts: what they contain

They are soaked in essential oil of thyme, mint, lemon, neem and tea tree, to give all the most specific active ingredients to the salts and therefore to the water in which the foot bath will take place. The essential oil of thyme and tea tree are classic oils used in synergy against mycosis, given the known antibacterial and fungicidal activities; mint is known for its refreshing properties, as is the refreshing and invigorating lemon. Neem instead is in formula as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal.

Natural sanitizing salts: why use them

You can use them for your feet: to refresh them, perfume them, sanitize them.

The foot bath: a simple and beneficial ritual for the well-being of your feet

The foot bath is an aromatherapy treatment that is particularly useful at the end of the day. If work forces you to spend many hours on your feet, you will find that this treatment is truly a cure-all. Hot water, in addition to inducing relaxation, promotes the penetration of essential oils into the skin. Also, in case you have had a very busy day intellectually, there is nothing better than taking your attention away from your head and getting you to think about your extremities! The foot bath is a relief that you can give yourself every day, without any contraindications. It will only take you a couple of minutes to prepare. If our feet are fine we feel more cheerful and fit, and our psyche is positively affected.

Content: 500 gr

Brand: Tecno Natural Life

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