Ficus carica Bud Extract 50 ml M.G. 1DH


Ficus carica Bud Extract is useful to favor the physiological digestive and intestinal processes. In particular it is recommended to regulate motility and gastroduodenal secretion. It has anxiolytic action and it is important to use it every time that a clear neurotic component (stress, anxiety) is detected at the base of the functional disorder.

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Ficus carica bud extract by Specchiasol is useful for promoting the physiological digestive and intestinal processes.

It contains Glycerine macerate (stabilizer: glycerol, alcohol, water, buds ratio D / E 1/200) of Ficus carica L. buds. Like all bud extractives on, it is diluted to the first Hahnemannian (MG 1 DH). 2.9 g of extract correspond to 90 drops (daily dose).

Instructions for use: As a rule it is recommended to take 50 drops of Ficus Carica before or after the main meals, diluted in a little water.

Ficus carica bud extract is indicated in cases of dyspeptic disorders, hyper / hypochloridria, esophageal dysphagia, hiatal hernia, reflux oesophagitis and gastroduodenal diseases in general. It helps to normalize motility and gastric secretion. Some associations:

  • for dyspepsia: it is recommended to associate  Ficus bud extract with the Rosemary bud extract, maybe taking the rosemary bud extract 50 drops diluted in water before breakfast and the fig bud extract 50 drops diluted in water before lunch and dinner, for cycles 2-3 months (20 days treatment and 10 days break).
  • for gastritis and gastroesophageal reflux: it is recommended to associate the Fig bud extract with Linden bud extract, maybe taking the Fig bud extract 50 drops diluted in water before lunch and dinner and the Linden bud extract 20-40 drops diluted in water morning and evening before bedtime. 20 days of treatment and 10 days of pause, for 2-3 month cycles. For prevention it is recommended to carry out therapeutic cycles in spring and autumn.

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Brand: Specchiasol.

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