Epsom Salts 200 gr


Our epsom salts are an excellent ally for those who have problems related to water retention and cellulite, it gives lightness to tired legs.

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Pure epsom salts for cosmetic purposes. English salt which is hydrated magnesium sulfate is a mineral 100% natural which takes its name from Epsom, a city of Southern England where the salt is obtained from the water of local spas. Since our skin absorbs liquids and drugs (as in dermal patches) is able to do this also with precious minerals found in the water.

The results are extraordinary! Epsom salts have a draining and detoxifying power that is visible after the first treatment, but that stands out continuing to work constantly and achieving great results even on serious situations such as obesity.

They are an excellent ally for those with problems related to water retention being able to unhinge this mechanism which creates more and more inconveniences to daily well-being.

Excellent in slimming and adjuvants in the treatment of cellulite and blood circulation as they also have the ability to protect the capillaries giving a pleasant sense of lightness to tired legs.

Recommended for pregnant women to maintain legs slightly deflated and to protect the lymphatic microcirculation.

Inci: Magnesium sulfate.

Brand: Microcosmo

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