Digestive bitter from Stelvio: Taneda


Taneda is a digestive bitter from Valtellina (Italian Alps). “Taneda” is Bormio’s dialect name of Achillea Moscata, the alpine herb with this bitter it is produced. Achillea is collected with special permits in the Stelvio National Park.

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Taneda is a digestive bitter that originates from Valtellina, it is the Bormio’s dialect name of Achillea Moscata.This herb, also well known in antiquity, is found in the Alps from 2000 meters above. This officinal plants used to make this liqueur come from spontaneous harvesting in uncontaminated and controlled places, such as the Stelvio National Park.

This exclusive digestive bitter is produced by the Carlo Ericini artisan laboratory in Bormio, thanks to its natural ingredients, preserves the unmistakable flavor of the Achillea Moscata collected on site. We will talk about the liqueurs and the experience and professionalism of Dr. Stefano Ericini and his father Carlo in the posts dedicated to them.

Alcohol content: 21 °

Brand: Carlo Ericini

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