Digestive bitter from Stelvio: Taneda


Taneda is a digestive bitter from Valtellina (Italian Alps). “Taneda” is Bormio’s dialect name of Achillea Moscata, the alpine herb with this bitter it is produced. Achillea is collected with special permits in the Stelvio National Park.

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The Taneda digestive liqueur is produced by the Carlo Ericini artisan laboratory in Bormio. It is a historic digestive bitter with 21 degrees of alcohol and is a typical and unique liqueur of its kind. With a very aromatic bitter taste, it is prepared with Achillea Moschata, of which it unmistakably retains its aroma and flavor.

“Taneda” is the name, in the Bormino dialect, of the “Iva herb” (achillea moschata), widespread in Valtellina and well known since ancient times; it grows above 2000 meters up to the edge of the glaciers. It is traditionally used by the villagers to prepare digestive and calming herbal teas, or excellent liqueurs. Taneda liqueur is also excellent hot with lemon zest.

The Iva herb used for the artisanal production of the Taneda Ericini digestive liqueur comes from spontaneous and authorized collection in uncontaminated and controlled places, such as the Stelvio (Stilfserjoch) National Park and Mount Braulio. The liqueur has been made for decades according to Bormine traditions using pure water for the production and only natural ingredients necessary for the maceration and preparation of the infusion.

Das Iva-Kraut, das für die handwerkliche Herstellung des Digestiflikörs Taneda Ericini verwendet wird, stammt aus spontaner und autorisierter Sammlung an nicht kontaminierten und kontrollierten Orten wie dem Nationalpark Stilfserjoch (Stilfserjoch) und dem Monte Braulio. Der Likör wird seit Jahrzehnten nach Bormine-Tradition hergestellt, wobei reines Wasser für die Herstellung und nur natürliche Zutaten verwendet werden, die für die Mazeration und Zubereitung des Aufgusses erforderlich sind.

If you want to know more, look at our post on taneda, on how to recognize it and how to prepare it according to the Alpine tradition.

Alcohol content: 21 °

Brand: Carlo Ericini

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