Deep facial cleansing: snail slime face mask 50 ml


Professional treatment for a deep facial cleansing at home for all skin types. It contains snail slime, glycolic acid, perlite and other natural ingredients for a perfect face skin.

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Professional treatment for a deep facial cleansing at home for all skin types, but as it also has an exfoliating action, it is underestimated for the most sensitive skin. Its exclusive natural property will win you over

Deep facial cleansing: benefits of Lumea Cosmetics scrub mask

Lumea cosmetics face scrub mask with exfoliating action, thanks to the natural glycolic acid present in snail slime, allows to eliminate dead cells. In addition, the mask performs a smoothing action on the complexion, lightening the spots on the skin. It is suitable for skin of all ages and highly recommended even in case of impurities, spots and blackheads. Its action is:

  • exfoliating
  • purifying
  • moisturizing
Deep facial cleansing: what does the Lumea Cosmetics scrub mask contain

In addition to glycolic acid, the presence of finely ground perlite helps through a gentle massage to increase cell turnover, leaving the skin smooth and purified. Rich in vitamin A; C; F and allantoin, collagen and elastin, the snail slime face mask is ideal for tissue nourishment.

Deep facial cleansing: how to use the Lumea Cosmetics scrub mask

Apply a homogeneous layer of the face mask and leave for 5-10 minutes; massage your face with gentle circular movements, focusing on areas prone to blackheads. Rinse thoroughly or leave on for another 5 minutes for an even more moisturizing effect.

Quantity: 50 ml

Brand: Lumea Cosmetcs

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