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Henne hair neutral that consist in pure  Cassia powder, with astringent and polishing properties of the hair. Does not alter the basic color of the hair. Its classic use is that of a valid treatment on atonic or seborrheic surfaces, in order to give shine and volume to the hair.

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Phitofilos neutral hair henna is a pure and vegan ok micronized Cassia powder from Cassia obovata, which gives shine and body to the hair, restructures and strengthens.

Phitofilos neutral henna: Cassia powder what is it for

Cassia powder, neutral hair henna by Phitofilos, can be used:

  • on all types of hair without alternating the base color (except on bleached or platinum, where long exposure can bring a slight effect on yellow-green);
  • to cut the coloring power of the other reflecting mixtures; added in fact in the preparation of the reflecting powders, it guarantees the possibility of lowering the tone of the coloring power, to obtain your own mixtures suitable for the desired nuance.

This neutral henna, consisting of Cassia powder, gives shine and body to the hair. Furthermore, due to its restructuring and strengthening effect, it is useful for damage caused by chemical treatments (brittle, fine or thin hair). It is also a valid treatment on atonic and seborrheic funds in order to give shine and body to the hair: in this case when preparing the batter it is better to add a few drops of vinegar.

Phitofilos neutral henna: how to use it

In a bowl, mix the required amount of herbal powders with hot water, until the batter is not too thick. Add (optional) vinegar, lemon juice or plain yogurt until the result is a semolina of a consistency that does not run. Apply to lightly cleansed and slightly damp hair and leave on for a variable time between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the desired result and the starting base. N.B. For 100 g of powder the recommended amount of water is about 380/390 ml *. We recommend using the Pastellante Gel (25 ml).

Brand: Phitofilos

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