Carrot oil for skin organic 50 ml


Organic carrot oil for skin, for face and body. Antiage, emollient, tanning. For all types of skin.

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Flora bio carrot oil for skin is an excellent oleolite for face care with an emollient and anti-aging action, which gives the skin shine and vitality, also facilitating tanning. In relation to the principles of Ayurveda, carrot oil is a rebalancing of VATA skin (characterized by dry, thin, wrinkled, cold and chapped skin).

Flora bio carrot oil is a 100% pure vegetable oil produced with cold pressed sesame oil * and carrots * (50%) and vitamin E of vegetable origin. 99% ingredients from organic farming *. Certification: BIO, CosmosOrganic. Does not contain: Preservatives, dyes, allergens, PEGs, synthetic substances, petroleum derivatives, not subjected to chemical refining processes.

How to use: place a small amount of carrot oil for skin on your hands and gently massage the face and body until completely absorbed, morning and evening.

Inci: Sesamum indicum seed oil, Daucus carota extract, Tocopherol.

Curiosity: this carrot oil for skin, unlike other oils, based on the preparation method can be defined as oleolito. An oleolite is a “cosmetic” based on vegetable oil in which parts of plants have been left to macerate, in order to exploit the plant active ingredients in question, combining everything with the moisturizing and softening effect of the oil. If you want to learn more about oleolites read here.

Quantity: 50 ml

PAO: 9 months

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