Black henna hair dye Phitofilos powder 100 g vegan ok


Black henna hair dye vegan ok, no picramates, on dark backgrounds takes on cold and dark shades, on surfaces with medium-high% of white hair, given its blue-blue pigment, turning to ash. On a light brown background brings the nuance on dark tones of brown.

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Phitofilos black henna is pure indigo powder for hair, certified vegan ok.

Phitofilos black henna: what color can you get on your hair

black henna

Black henna hair dye is ideal for achieving these shades:

  • if you have dark brown hair, brown, with low percentages of whites: shades with a dark tone (processing time: 40-90 minutes);
  • if you have light brown hair, without or with very little whites: bring the nuance to dark and cold tones.

In the presence of white hair (above 10%) it is advisable to proceed with a double covering and reflection pass: Red henna n.2 or n.3 (10-30 minutes). Rinse and apply black henna (40-90 minutes). The result obtained will be fully visible after a few hours from drying. In practice: the first step, the “pre-etching”, creates a good support base for the color and brings a first coverage on the whites; the second is the actual color that changes the nuance to dark tones. This powder needs a few hours after the treatment to develop the full color by oxidizing in contact with the air.

Phitofilos black henna hair dye: how to use it

Mix the required amount of Phitofilos Black Henne powder with warm water * or (optional) black tea, until the batter is not too thick. Add (optional) a pinch of baking soda in the preparation water. Let the batter rest for 1-4 hours, turning it occasionally. Apply to lightly cleansed and just moistened hair, band with food film or aluminum foil and leave on for between 40 and 90 minutes, depending on the desired result and the starting base. After the allotted time, rinse and proceed with normal drying.
N.B. For 100 g of powder the recommended amount of water is about 250/320 ml *. We recommend using the Pastellante Gel (25 ml).

Brand: Phitofilos

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