Birch bud extract 50 ml – betula pubescens M.G. 1DH


The birch bud extract buds, betula pubescens, acts on the osteoarticular system, general metabolism, endothelial reticulum system. It has a draining and tonic-stimulating action, remineralizing, detoxifying and stimulating the metabolism, anti-inflammatory action.

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The bud extract of birch pubescens (buds) is a 100% natural food supplement included by the Italian Ministry of Health in the register of food supplements with code n ° 30452.

Ingredients: 1DH glycerine macerate (stabilizer: glycerol; alcohol, water; buds ratio D / E 1/200), of Betula pubescens Ehrh. gems. 1.6 g of extract correspond to 50 drops, daily dose.

Dosage: 50 drops per day, diluted in water and sipped slowly.

The use of birch pubescens bud extract determines an important draining action, tonic properties stimulating the metabolism and stimulating the immune defenses with an increase in resistance to infections and an increase in the number of leukocytes. In fact, the buds show a profound action at the level of the reticulo-endothelial system, of which they enhance both the anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, thanks to which they can, among other things, prepare the body for the therapeutic action of other bud derivatives (or other medicaments) with a more specific action against the pathology to be treated.

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Brand: Specchiasol

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