Best micellar water: Anti Age Micellar Water 5 in 1


Natural anti-age micellar water, by Domus Olea, with 5 functions: Cleansing, Make-up remover, Soothing, Toning, Antioxidant.

Formula no alcohol, delicate without rinsing.

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One of the Italian best Micellar water, by Domus olea Toscana. It is the best micellar cleansing water Made in Italy, because it is eco-organic, practical to use, cosmeceutical with a high content of active ingredients, no alcohol formula and It is ideal even for the most sensitive skin and is multifunctional: this natural micellar water has 5 functions in 1:

  • make-up remover,
  • moisturizing,
  • antioxidant,
  • soothes and balances the dermis,
  • eliminates impurities and astringes pores.

The Best Micellar water is a Light and fresh cleansing tonic, in micellar formulation, with hints of Rose and mediterranean blossoms. Suitable for sensitive skin, providing an excellent periocular tolerance, leaving
the skin soft and smooth and with a feeling of comfort.

• High content and types of Functional Ingredients.
• High anti-free radical and antioxidant activities developed at Science and Technology Centre of the University of Florence.
• ICEA Eco-Organic Certification: to guarantee respect of the consumer, the environment and the of animals.
• Tuscan Organic Ingredients from our own production and small local farms.
• Multifunctionality: each product has several functions and applications.
• High skin tollerance Nickel tested <0.0001%. Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy and tested on human volunteers.
• For all skin types for man and for woman.
• Immediate dermal effect and pleasant to use.
• Freshness produced in small batches to keep them fresh.

• PEG, PPG derivatives.
• Mineral oils, silicones and derivatives.
• Derivatives of aluminum and silicon and of synthetic origin.
• Carcinogens or allergenic substances.
• Aggressive surfactants.
• Synthetic Dyes.
• Parabens and allergenic preservatives.
• Substances which are harmful to the environment.

Brand: Domus Olea Toscana.

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150 ml, 50 ml

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