Best lice treatment complete: Shampoo & Spray


Best lice treatment complete: it is a proposal that offers you for a 360 ° and 100% natural lice treatment, consisting of two classic products for lice: lice shampoo and lice spray with comb included. It is a true natural treatment for lice elimination and nits removal.

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Best lice treatment complete consists in two products for lice: the spray with comb and the FitoPid shampoo. FitoPid is the natural Best lice treatment to guarantee prevention and effective treatment and 100% natural. Dermatologically tested.

  1. FITOpid Spray with comb: acts through a mechanism of physical and not chemical action, preventing the louse from developing resistance. The product is well tolerated and can be used frequently. Formulation free of insecticides based on vegetable oils (coconut oil), essential oils (Anise and Turkish Rose) and Isopropilmiristato which, thanks to a double mechanical action, frees from the annoying lice acting in 15 minutes and facilitates the removal of nits. Its packaging with Bag-on-Valve technology allows it to be used in any position.
  2. FitoPid lice prevention shampoo: has a formula enriched with plant extracts of Quassia and Grapefruit, Andiroba vegetable oil and Eucalyptus essential oil Citriodora Maculata that, in addition to facilitating the removal of lice and nits treated by the spray , they are unpleasant to lice.Specifically, andiroba oil has choking action, eucalyptus citriodora maculata essential oil has repellent action, bitter Quassia has antiparasitic action and grapefruit seeds antibacterial action.

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