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Cochlea eco-bio: one of the best hand cream; a real 100% Made in Italy regenerating treatment, with snail slime. It is a true natural cure-all for the skin of your hands.

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Cochlea eco-bio moisturizing and antiaging hand cream by Biomeda. It is a real 100% Made in Italy regenerating treatment, with snail slime. It is a true natural cure-all for the skin of your hands.

Cochlea natural hand cream: the best hand cream

Its concentrated formula with high dermo-nourishing power acts in depth, moisturizing and protecting. its active ingredients help to restore a smooth, uniform and healthy appearance. Indispensable to prevent flaking during cold periods, this hand cream is ideal for skin spots: a small amount is enough to create a protective glove on the entire hand for the whole day.

Cochlea natural hand cream: the special ingredient

Known since ancient times as a natural remedy for internal use, in recent years the remarkable properties of snail slime have also been demonstrated in the dermatological field, finding use in the preparation of cosmetics.

Snail slime: what it naturally contains

Snail slime is a substance very rich in active ingredients that cannot be replicated in the laboratory: vitamins A, E and C, proteins, peptides, Allantoin, Glycolic Acid, Collagen and Elastin. So These precious substances act on the epidermis by regenerating it, smoothing it and giving it elasticity and firmness: day after day, the skin regains its natural healthy and radiant appearance.

The high concentration of mucopolysaccharides capable of retaining water on the skin for a long time guarantees constant hydration, a strong protective and film-forming action; allantoin also regenerates the epidermal layers, nourishing and protecting. Collagen: the main building block of our skin; together with Elastin it guarantees skin elasticity, but with age its natural production decreases, starting the aging process. Glycolic acid with collagen naturally present in snail slime stimulate the production of native collagen thus contributing to a natural anti-wrinkle action. Last but not least, there is elastin: it, naturally synthesized by our body in the first 20 years of life, guarantees elasticity; subsequently it is no longer replaced, contributing to the loss of tone and the formation of wrinkles. This specific use of products that preserve elastin helps to preserve the one present.

The combination of these elements makes snail slime an active product in the treatment of skin problems, to preserve the beauty of the skin of the face and body over time. The snail slime of this repairing hand cream is extracted by hand, in the place of origin (in the Basilicata region) without the use of any saline solution and without causing any damage to the pet. After being collected it is filtered and subsequently microfiltered in the laboratory. Suitable for all skin types, it is also ideal for sensitive and problematic skin.

Cochlea repairing hand cream: how to use it

Massage until completely absorbed. Repeat as often as needed.

Tip: If the season is cold or dry and you also have chapped lips and lip contour, check out Biomeda eye and lip contour stick.

Quantity: 50 ml

Brand: Biomeda. Biomeda is certified BIO ECO COSMESI AIAB confirming its formulation according to the strict and controlled standards of organic and ecological cosmetics; guarantees products free of petrochemical substances that are not skin-friendly, not environmentally friendly or potentially harmful to humans and the environment.

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