Arterial hypertension: Olive Bud Extract 50 ml


Olive bud extract is indicated for the treatment of arterial hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.

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Olive bud extract is a natural supplement by Specchiasol that contains Olive glyceric macerate (Olea europaea L.) young jets. M.G. 1DH. It is indicated in the treatment of arterial hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.

Olive bud extract is useful for its hypotensivating activity (against arterial hypertension) and hypoglycemic activity (as an adjuvant); it has also cholesterol-lowering properties. These characteristics make it an excellent aid in the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis. Some associations from the scientific literature:

  • indicated in hypercholesterolemia, it is associated with Rosmarinus officinalis in the forms that present concomitant elevated levels of triglyceridemia. The association with juniper bud extract (Juniperus communis) will be valuable in subjects who, due to food intemperance, have an altered lipidic structure and therefore need an effective drainage of the excretory organs. An example, for hypercholesterolemia, is the association of Olive bud extract 50 drops in water before breakfast, juniper bud extract 50 drops in water before dinner; 2-month cycles out of 3.
  • it is used by Tétau in trigeminal neuralgia treatment together with the Ficus carica bud extract (for example: olive bud extract 50 drops in water before breakfast, Fico budding 50 drops in water before dinner, 2 months cycles out of 3)

Instructions for use: It is generally recommended to take 40 drops of Olive bud extract, 1-2 times a day, diluted in a little water.

Packaging: 50 ml, bottle

Brand: Specchiasol

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