Air purifier essential oils: Risanambiente blend


This is a blend of pure Air purifier essential oils born with the aim of  air sanitization in a closed environment. Its effectiveness has been scientifically tested in community spaces. The Risanambiente mix is ​​useful for keeping the living or working environment clean and healthy. 100% Made in Italy, 100% pure.

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Air purifier essential oils for air sanitization: “Risanambiente” blend is a mixture ready for the sanitizing diffusion in the environment and also a base mixture ready for the DIY creation of sprays (to sanitize clothes and small spaces), hydroalcoholic gels and sanitizing soaps (to sanitize hands).

The essential oils contained in the Risanambiente Mix, formulated with Air purifier essential oils with the aim of air sanitizing in the environment in which you live or work, as well as being recognized by the scientific literature for their action against the most widespread environmental microbial contaminants, also have an thinner that works more on the energy level for a complete sanitation of spaces. 100% Made in Italy.

Risanambiente blend has been the subject of studies by the Faculty of Pharmacological Sciences at the University of Milan, while the place chosen to test it was a Lombard retirement home with 114 elderly people over 80. Checks carried out: monthly samples of viruses, bacteria and fungi in two different points of the rooms and on the handrails of the corridors. In vitro verifications.

Sanitizing the environment in which we live is important to: avoid viral or bacterial superinfections; allow the immune system to direct the response towards TH1 lymphocytes instead of TH2; exploit the beneficial tropism on the essential oil systems.

How to use: 2-3 drops per 10 square meters to be sanitized. Spread during the day or overnight for at least 7 hours for 15 days. For maintenance we recommend spreading for 7 hours (night or day) once or twice a week. Keep in a cool place.

Do-it-yourself spray for sanitizing clothes and small spaces: 78 ml of denatured ethyl alcohol, 2 ml of risanambiente mixture (60 drops), 20 ml of water. Use it like this: spray it on clothes and let it act for a couple of minutes; for small environments, spray at the 4 upper corners of the spaces.

Formula: lavandula angustifolia, eucalyptus globulus, abies sibirica, malaleuca cajeputi, pelargonium graveolens. The blend of pure essential oils is obtained by steam distillation. It does not contain synthetic additives.

Content: 10 ml

Brand: Microcosmo

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